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We are happy to bring some really interesting, Indian short love stories for you. The stories here are specially crafted with an Indian flavor and is filled with love, emotions, humor, and passion. The Indian love story in this post is the first amongst a series of Indian short love stories on the proposal part of love. We sincerely hope that you like these stories.

Indian short stories on the proposal – Story 1 – The Meeting

Trisha: Yeah, I am leaving tonight.

Me: It’s not fair Trisha, believe me, everything is going to be fine.

Trisha: You had a golden opportunity to talk with my father yesterday, now I don’t think we can be together. I will go and marry that stupid IT guy from Bangalore. You keep your hopes about everything being fine.

Trisha’s anger was at peak. She had arranged a meeting with her father (ex-army man) last night and I couldn’t make it on time there. They kept waiting for an hour. And when I reached, I could see two barbequed people staring at me. Man, they were fuming! I didn’t know what to say.

The Meeting

Nobody was speaking anything. I tried to start the conversation, ‘Hi uncle, how are you? Sorry got a bit late!’

Uncle deliberately checked his wrist to tell or rather signal me how late it was but there was no watch there!! His expressions were like‘Shit, how come I forgot to wear my watch !! ‘.

My laughs were about to troll him off but my eyes took a slight look at Trisha, whose expressions were cruel enough to kill my laughs then and there.

I knew I had spoiled half of the meeting, so I tried to make up for it. I took out a gift from my bag and gave it to uncle.

Me: For you, uncle.

Uncle took it and kept it at the side.

We started to exchange some talks. I didn’t know it was going to be an interview round.

There was round one with queries on my work and family. I cleared it with flying colors.

Trisha wasn’t speaking much. She had told me earlier that her father was very strict and didn’t like to joke around much.

She was wrong! It was not that her father didn’t joke around much. He didn’t joke around at all.

After one more round of interview about my likings and habits(good and bad), the final round came where he asked me, ‘Do you have any questions?’

I looked at Trisha, she signaled me to go ahead and talk about us.

I said, ‘Sir, can you please open the gift?’

He said, ‘Well, I will check it out later. Is there anything else you want to say?’

I said, ‘No sir.’

Trisha was like, what the hell? She almost killed me with her eyes.

Her father stood up. We all left.


Present Day!

Present-day, when we were discussing about last night and I was trying to calm Trisha down, her phone rang. Trisha picked it up.

Trisha: Yes Papa? Ok, Papa!! What??? Really?? Thank you so much Papa… Sure, I will tell him that!!

Trisha disconnected the phone, turned around with a smile on her face with tears rolling down her eyes and said‘Papa has agreed Rishi!!’

I felt so good. I went ahead and hugged her tightly. It was like we had achieved the impossible! Beautiful moments like that are what everyone strives for. We were living one such moment.

Trisha(coming back to normal senses): You know what, Papa asked me to tell you that now he knows how much you love me and that he liked the gift.

I smiled and said: I told you everything was going to be fine. I just wanted him to understand my love for you.

Trisha: What was the gift?

Me(wreathed in smiles): It was a flag. Our national flag. And a note.

Trisha: What did that note say?

I took out a copy of that note and gave it to her. She read it out loud.

‘Dear Sir,

I will keep your daughter the same way as I know you will keep this gift. I will respect her, honor her, love her, be passionate about her and will never ever betray her. Dear Sir, I will love her the same way you love our country!! Come what may, I will die for her but will never ever let her down!! Seek your acceptance for our eternal love

That expression which she wore after reading it proved to me that our love was going to last forever!


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A road trip, your hand in my hand.
Under the blue skies, the time we spend.
The greenary around,
with no one else to be found.
When love is the only thing,
That makes us bound.
The freshness in the air,
Yet the sweat in your hand.
Makes me crazy,
When together we stand.
The shine in your eyes,
Your love so profound,
Enters my heart,
And makes a cute sound.
Tonight standing,
On this beautiful land.
I make this promise, Holding your hand
My love for you, will never end.
My love for you, will never ever end.

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