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Travel status for WhatsApp inspiring quotes on travel. Today’s generation is the generation of wanderers. People keep traveling from one place to the other. Some are in search of peace, whereas the others are in search of happiness. When they travel to new places, they forget their grievances and enjoy their time with friends and family. In this article, we are sharing 75+ best travel status for WhatsApp which are inspiring quotes on travel.

You can share these travel status for Whatsapp with your friends and family to showcase your love for traveling.

These inspiring quotes on travel will give you yet another reason to pack your bags and start a new travel journey.

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  • Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets.
  • Let travel be the motivation of your life.

Travel as much as you can.
As far as you can.
As long as you can.
Life is not meant to be lived in one place.

With age comes wisdom, with travel comes understanding.

Inspiring Quotes on Travel as travel status for Whatsapp

To start with, the following are some top inspiring quotes on travel that you can use as travel status for Whatsapp. If you are looking for the latest WhatsApp status quotes in English, check out our blog post on Latest Whatsapp Status in English on love, break up, and motivation.

1.. Nirvana doesn’t come to you. you need to travel to it.

2. The most interesting stories are often made while traveling.

3. I was born in fetters, traveling has set me free.

4. The first thing I want to see every day while traveling is the rising sun.

5. Dream big, travel more. Conquer your dreams and the world.

Inspiring quotes on travel

6. Blessed are those who get to travel the world.

7. Age never defines a life, experiences do. Travel more for best life experiences.

8. Travel, fun, adventure, nature, and nirvana are all synonyms of life.

Deep Travel quotes

Check these traveling status quotes for Whatsapp with deep meaning. If you have a cool attitude, check out some cool royal attitude status quotes.

9. How you see this world is defined by how much you have traveled it.

Inspiring travel status for whatsapp image

10. When life gives you wings, fly throughout the world.

11. Each destination writes a page in the book of your life. The number of quality pages defines the life you lived.

Rhymes or Short Snippets as inspiring quotes on travel

Next, let us look at some short snippets which are poetic in nature, and are worth setting up as travel status for Whatsapp. If you love poems or small snippets, you can use these travel quotes for Whatsapp as some inspiring quotes on travel.

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12. When I worked hard, I earned money. And when I worked harder, I earned fame.

When I traveled some, I earned satisfaction. But when I traveled more, I earned life.

13. The journey of life is very complex, and the destination is known.

When you break the journey into smaller ones, Each destination becomes an exciting unknown.

Rhyming inspiring quotes on travel

14. No more fun, and no more plays. When life keeps giving you lazy days.

Then Pack your bags, and get set go. Give your life the fun that you owe.

15. When your soul mate takes away the soul from your life. And you don’t know whether to call it off with your wife.

Travel is the key, to open the love lock. Travel mates become soul mates again, with a lake sidewalk.

Fun travel status and quotes for WhatsApp with images

For the fun lovers, here are some fun travel quotes which will set up the mood for your next travel plans. Share them with your friends and ask them to join you for your next trip. When you will use these travel quotes as travel status for Whatsapp, I am sure you will start getting immediate attention.

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16. Work hard, Party Travel harder. Party while you travel.

Fun travel status for WhatsApp

17. The right time to plan your travel was yesterday, so start your travel today.

18. Gift yourself a solo trip on your birthday.

19. A wanderer knows the taste of the world.

20. A bullet ride to Laddakh can be the best decision of your life.

21. In the mountains, I live.

22. My mailing address is in the plains, But my heart lives in the mountains.

Goa Travel Whatsapp Status and quotes with images

Goa is the dream destination for the youth, and if you fall in that zone, just check out these cool Goa travel status for Whatsapp

23. Goa is the God of youth.

24. When life gives you Goa, embrace it with open arms.

Goa travel status for WhatsApp

25. Yet another plan made to perfection, dropped! – A Goa Diary waiting for the beach.

26. Every third young Indian makes a plan to Goa, with the first two ones.

27. My heart stays in the mountain, But my soul resides in Goa.

Out of the box inspiring quotes on travel with images

And if you are still looking for that one travel status for Whatsapp, which will be a crowd-puller, choose one from the below quotes-

28. I am a biker by heart and a traveler by the soul.

29. If you ever find me missing, dial GOA.

30. No more parties, no more disco. Travel is the new game, Let’s go.

Travel status for WhatsApp with inspiring quotes on travel

Real-life travel quotes for Whatsapp with images

31. When your mind gets stuck in the traffic of life, it is time to fly to the world.

32. Even money, fame, and success become useless when you don’t have the time to travel to your favorite destination.

33. A canceled trip hurts more than anything else in this world.😒

34. When love hits hard, travel bails you out.

35. A beautiful destination will always remain my first love.

Mind refreshing travel quotes and statuses for Whatsapp with images

36. When you see a river of sorrow coming your way, head to the ocean of happiness. #TravelToRefresh

37. When it seems difficult to weave a broken heart. try fixing it with travel. It always works. #TravelToRefresh

38. Every time I travel to a new destination, my life becomes richer than ever.

39. Spend your money to travel the world, or else it will get spend away anyways!

40. Travel destinations are the main chapters in the book of my life, rest all is just crap.

41. The more I travel, the more familiar I become to my true self.

42. Travel destinations are like the never-ending syllabus of your exams. You need to pick the important ones up first!

Happy to travel quotes and statuses for Whatsapp with images

43. I am in love with myself, for taking out time to travel!

44. Travel is the real money you earn that makes you rich.

45. Every time I reach a destination, a new journey begins!

46. A traveler lives in a different world, which is free from all the chaoses of life.

47. Nature love is true love, embrace it with open arms.

Travel Whatsapp status– best traveling status quotes for WhatsApp

Traveling has been my first love, and I am sure it is the first love for many. Travel not only gives you a chance to come closer to nature but also brings you closer to your true self. It brings the creative person out of you and makes it go beyond creativity. Here I am presenting some of the best traveling status quotes for Whatsapp which you can set up as Travel Whatsapp status. If you are looking for the latest WhatsApp status quotes in English, check out our blog post on Latest Whatsapp Status in English on love, break up, and motivation.

48. The more I travel, the more I explore the happiness hidden inside me.

49. Whenever you find the rivers of sadness coming your way,

Relax! They are just headed towards the ocean of happiness.

50. I am in love with the traveler inside me.

51. Every trek you complete brings you closer to the secrets of nature.

Destination and nature quotes

52. The best counting is the count of the destinations one has explored.

53. Nature is one true friend who can bring you out of all the worries of life. #lovetraveling#lovefornature

54. My heart skips a beat, my eyes get so wide,
When a beautiful mountain, comes within my sight.
My true self emerges, there is nothing to hide,
And that is what I call, love at first sight.

55. Work hard, earn more.
Live life like never before.
There are tons of destinations, knock each of those doors.
Breathe the mountains,  walk the seashores.

Top Adventure Quotes in English

Adventure and life become best friends as soon as you start to travel. A life filled with adventure can be said to be a fruitful life. So, here are some of the best adventure quotes in English that will help you set the right adventurous mood. If you are looking for more WhatsApp status quotes in one line than check our blog post on Whatsapp status in one line.

56. My life is a sum of all the adventures that I have taken up.

57. A life without adventures is like a heart that has never fallen in love.

58. Travel and adventure are identical twins.

59. The adventurer in me keeps me alive.

60. When life gets toxic, it is time to breathe some adventure. #loveforadventure

61. Thumb rule for an adventurous life – Never ever say no to an adventure you can afford to take up.

62. Break up with the monotony of life, make Adventure your new companion.

63. Travel makes us realize that real happiness lives inside us, and that nature has the power to bring it out.

64. When Adventure is the mantra of life, life lightens up.

65. When fears face death, adventure is born!

66. If you can count the adventures of your life, it is time to make them countless.

Travel Whatsapp status – fun-filled travel status quotes for Whatsapp

Fun and travel are made for each other. These quotes are just the expressions you can wear while enjoying your travel. I am sure you will enjoy these travel status quotes for WhatsApp.

67. If you ever find yourself surrounded by a box of worries, book a holiday and see that box disappearing.

68. Travel from ignorance to wisdom. #deeptravelquotes

69. I started the journey alone,
And made my memories my friend.

70. Fun and travel ride on the same boat, you just need to get on that boat.

71. The ocean waves, the beach sand and the music of the wind are all calling me home.

72. I and my bike love the mountains.

73. There is nothing more soul-satisfying than watching the sunset in the ocean.

74. I have had many crushes, but my heart always loves the mountains. #lovetraveling

75. Of all the destinations I have traveled in my life, your heart is the one where I want to settle down. #travelwithlove

76. The more time I spend with nature, the more I fall in love with it.

77. There is nothing more heart-warming than watching the sunrise behind the mountains.

Solo Travel Status for Whatsapp – solo travel quotes

Solo traveling is one thing everyone should try at least once in their life. These solo travel status quotes for WhatsApp will inspire the solo traveler inside you to forget all the fears and enjoy nature’s true beauty.

78. The best part of solo travel is neither the destination, nor the journey, but the exploration of the unknown self.

79. As a solo traveler, I am in love with this person called Solitude!

80. Live fast, Live more. Travel solo.

81. Be the adventurer of your own life,
That is how it is supposed to be.

82. Travel the way you want!

Don’t follow, go solo!

83. You don’t need them,

They don’t need you.
They are self-sufficient,
But so are you.
When your heart tells you,
A route to follow.
Just pack your bags,
And go solo.

84. A road less traveled usually tells the story of a beautiful destination.

85. We live a mini life while we are on holiday – a life in which we live the way we want!

Famous traveling status for Whatsapp

Now that you have seen some fresh quotes, let us look at some famous travel quotes which you can use as traveling status for Whatsapp.

  • Not all those who wander are lost ~ J.R. R. Tolkien
  • If traveling was free, you’d never see me again ~ Ken Poirot
  • My favourite thing is to go where I have never been ~ Diane Arbus
  • You don’t need to listen to what they say. You need to go and explore yourself.
  • Once a year, go to some place you have never been before ~ Dalai Lama
  • Some people do job to fill their pockets, while the others go traveling to fill their souls.
  • To awaken alone in an unknown town is one of the pleasant sensations in the world – Freya Stark

In Conclusion

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