National Rail Museum in Delhi timing, closing day, ticket price 2019

National Rail Museum in Delhi- closing day, metro, timing, ticket price 2019

If you are a rail enthusiast, and if you love the heritage of India, you must visit the National rail museum in Delhi. It is a beautifully managed place with a focus on giving both heritage and joy to its visitors. I have been to this place, and in this article, I will take you to an online tour of this place so that you feel pumped up to visit this place.

Before we look into the main attractions of the rail museum, let us quickly check some important points.

The distance of national rail museum from major places in Delhi

National rail museum is present in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. If you want to visit the rail museum Delhi from New Delhi railway station, you need to drive for 10 Km in order to reach here. With normal traffic, it will hardly take 15-20 minutes to reach there.

Rail museum nearest metro station

The nearest metro station from National Rail Museum in Delhi is Jor Bagh metro station. The museum is around 2 Km from the metro station, and you can easily get public transport to reach there.

National rail museum in Delhi timings & closing day

The national rail museum in Delhi is open for the public between 10 AM to 5 PM. The national rail museum closing day is Monday, so check the day before you plan a visit here. The museum is also closed on national holidays as well, so you should not plan your visit on such days.

Ticket prices for national rail museum in Delhi

One needs to note the national rail museum timing and ticket prices before going there. The ticket prices are different for weekdays and for weekends. The below table gives you the exact details of the entry fees, the toy train ride ticket price, and the joy train ride ticket price.

Activity Name Weekday Charges for Adults Weekend Charges for adults Weekday Charges for Children (3-12 Years) Weekend Charges for Children (3-12 Years)
Entry fees 50 100 10 20
Joy Train Ride 20 50 10 20
Toy Train Ride 100 200 100 200
Diesel Simulator Ride Charges 150 300 150 300
Steam Simulator Ride Charges 150 300 150 300
Coach Simulator Ride Charges 100 200 100 200

Main attractions of National Rail museum in Delhi

Now that we have looked into the important details of the museum, let us next look into what you get to enjoy when you visit National Rail Museum in Delhi.

Joy Train ride

Joy ride in the national rail museum in Delhi is a ten minutes ride, which takes you to a tour of the rail museum. You board a small train at the joy ride station, and a ticket collector usually checks your ticket before your ride begins. The way has some tunnels as well to give you a feeling of the actual train ride.

Toy Train ride

The toy train ride in the national museum is a fun ride for children on an extremely narrow track. There are fixed timings for toy train rides and kids enjoy them a lot.

Fairy Queen

It is the oldest working steam locomotive which was first built in 1855 and is also called East Indian Railway Nr. 22. It was given a special place in the national rail museum in Delhi and was refurnished to run in 1997. This locomotive is registered in the Guinness world record book in the year 1998 for being the oldest working steam locomotive.

The royal coaches

The saloon of the Maharaja of Mysore and Prince of Wales saloon are two royal coaches that now belong to the rail museum. These coaches are extremely popular amongst the royal history lover tourists.

Open-air Museum

You will find plenty of old engines and train bogeys inside the rail museum. The tourists enjoy clicking pictures along with these old locomotives. You can also climb on some of these locomotives, while some others are restricted for public usage.

Museum for Science and GK lovers

There is plenty of information inside the Museum for the science and GK lovers. You can learn a lot about the different processes that railways follow, and also can see India’s old machinery. You will learn about the different control systems of railways, and will also see some simulators and models of them.

A working model of railways

There are two beautiful working models created by the rail museum in Delhi. One is in the open, which showcases a train going through different tunnels, bridges, and railway stations. The other one is inside the museum building which showcases different modes of transport including air, road, and rail. Both models are a treat to watch and are one of the major attractions of the rail museum.

Audio guides with QR scan

When you roam around inside the rail museum, looking at the different rail bogeys and engines, you don’t need a guide. The museum has put QR codes next to each of these locomotives which you can scan to listen to the audio guide.

Food options at National rail museum

There is a good food court in the center of the national rail museum, in front of the boarding station of the joy ride. It is a good restaurant with plenty of eating options, but the seating capacity is not so good. So, you may need to wait for a while for your turn to eat, in case the museum is crowded.

The history of National Rail Museum in Delhi – Something for the history lovers

Established in February 1977, the National rail museum is spread in an area of over 10 acres. The museum was set up to showcase the national railway’s history and its progress. National Rail Museum in Delhi was proposed in 1962 by Michael Graham Satow, and the foundation stone was laid on 7th October 1971 by V.V. Giri, the then president of India.

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