Best Motivational WhatsApp Status Video Download for Students {2023}

Motivation is the driver of life. When we wake up every day, we need the motivation to start our day on a positive note. Life without motivation is a life without meaning. In this article, you will get the best motivational Whatsapp status video download for free.

Not only videos, but you will also find motivational images to be downloaded for free.

You can download and use these motivational videos as Whatsapp status and can also share it with your friends and family. I am sure you will also love our one-line Whatsapp status in English.

Best motivational Whatsapp status video download in English

Motivation stands in the first place when it comes to getting the ingredients of a successful life. Check out these best motivational Whatsapp status video download in English. We are sure you will also love to read our top inspiring travel Whatsapp status.

Check out this popular motivational Whatsapp status video in English which you can download.

The best person who can do wonders to your life is right there – in front of you – in your selfie

Failing in something is never a failure.
Giving up is when you really fail.

When you learn from your failures and move ahead again,

that is when success smiles at you.

Even the most successful persons started with failures.

It is just that they made failures their friends and success their goal!

Failures are life’s best friends. They make you work really hard and thus gift you long-lasting success.

Inspirational and Motivational Whatsapp status video free download

If you are looking for inspirational and motivational Whatsapp status videos download for free, your search ends here. Here we have listed inspirational status videos that contain the best inspirational quotes. I am sure you will love these quotes and will like to share them in image format as well as Whatsapp status format. Check out this post for the latest motivational, love, and heartbreak quotes.

When your goal is big and far,
Ride on your hard work,
Fuel it with your passion
And enjoy the hiccups named failures.
When you enjoy the journey,
The distance to the destination named success gets halved.

Don’t work hard for others,
Work hard for yourself.
When your hard work pays off,
You will be the one gaining the most.

Those who have firm determination,
Don’t get distracted.
And even if they see any distractions,
Their determination overpowers the distractions.

Once I saw someone, whom I instantly liked.
She was far from my reach, but I tried, tried and tried.
It was hard to get her attention.
But I was also determined.
It took me a little longer.
But eventually, I found her by my side.
When I asked her name, she smiled and replied.
Success is my name dear,
and I am ready to become your bride.

Latest and the best motivational Whatsapp status image and video download – 30 second motivational video download in English

If you are looking for the latest and the best motivational Whatsapp status video download, here we are sharing some 30 second motivational video downloads in English. We are sure, you will like these motivational status quotes in English.

The four pillars of a successful career –
Time management
Hard work

Hard Work
Time Management
– The five mantras to SHIFT your life from failure to success.

Best Motivational status quotes for students

Sharing the best motivational status quotes for students to make them realize their potential. No one can make you work hard if it is not coming from inside you. So, if you are looking for that motivation, I am sure you are in the right place. Sometimes, all we need is some sensible words that echo our thoughts. I hope these inspirational and motivational quotes for students will help you move towards your goal.

When you doubt your own potential, check the autobiography of successful people. You will be amazed to see, how they converted their self-doubts into self-confidence.


Just keep your focus on your goals, and faith in your hard work. Failures will be there, but they will all lead to the success you deserve.


Follow your heart, but work with your mind. This combination always wins!


Success is not always measured with grades. Quite often, students with higher grades work for students with lower grades.


Don’t live a life without goals. When each day contributes to your goals- a successful life is built.


Successful people don’t wait for the last moment to build their success. Success takes its own time.


The first step towards success usually has – ‘I can’t do it’ crushed under it.


When life feels blurry, adjust your focus!

Read Self-motivation quotes

  • Your best motivator is your own mind. Your mind is the one who actually tells you that you are the best and you can do anything. You just got to listen to it.
  • The best form of motivation is self motivation.
  • The one person who knows everything about you and can motivate you the most, is you!

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