All You Need to Know About Kodiveri

A pristine tourist location far away from the worlds of busting cars and city chaos, hidden near the beautiful lands of Sathyamangalam, Kodiveri falls is in every word a true beauty that needs a standalone blog to unfold the mystic charms of the falls and hidden vibes of the dam nearby. Kodiveri waterfalls is quite the fad among the locals and kongu districts here but not so evident with travellers outside this radius. So for anyone planning for a trip to Kodiveri, this blog is all you need to know about Kodiveri waterfalls and places nearby.

Kodiveri Location

Kodiveri waterfalls is located near Periyakodiveri at a distance of 12km from Sathyamangalam through the deserted roads of Mettupalayam and 14 to 25kms from Erode and Gobichettipalayam. The place is connected to all major districts and yet disconnected from the chaotic world and rests on the banks of Periyakodiveri and serves as a hub for a family picnic and get together for a leisure free time.

Kodiveri is located 70kms from the center of Coimbatore. The climate is quite sunny and humid while pitted against the other normal waterfalls.

Kodiveri Dam

Kodiveri dam is nuzzled on the beautiful bhavani river near Sathyamangalam at about 15kms from the state highways and is well connected with buses plying regularly. The dam stretches at an impressive 7km long between the likes of Sathyamangalam and Aalathukobai. The main purpose of the kodiveri dam is irrigation for the agriculture lands nearby.

Unlike other dams, the water in Kodiveri is largely uninfluenced by any source of outside factors like chemicals or any polluted water and hence the fishes here fetch a great value in the market and also the irrigation lands are of superior quality unlike the other places.

Kodiveri dam is one of the oldest dams in Tamil Nadu which started to be of use during the 17th century for drinking and other irrigation purposes to the villages nearby. However the very first dam set up dates back to 1125AD by Kongalvan (Vettuva Gounder King) by carving out from a whopping 20ft single piece of rock which is still present at the north west side of the dam.

The stones were then interconnected using iron bars and leads as a mortar which will come to the daylight only during off season when the climate usually turns dull and the water flows diminishes pretty quick.

There are two channels predominantly rising from the banks of Bhavani river such as Arakkankottai and Thadepalli on the southern side. Majority of the lands in Gobichettipalayam and villages nearby are largely served by the Thadepalli channel covering a whopping 24,504 acres. Since the water Is so pure and undiluted, the lands are mostly pretty clean with a healthy dose of agriculture carried out throughout the district of Gobichettipalayam.

Kodiveri dam tourism

A popular household name among the locals, Koduveri dam serves as the go-to destination for a casual weekend or a drive with friends. The place is open for bathing and you can get a good idea of the staggering number of people bathing here by taking a quick sneak into the scenes here on an early weekend morning.

A great touchdown for family outings, the place has a decent changing room for women although quite hard to find as there are trees and lawns nearby. The dam entry fee starts at just rs.5 (price subjected to change). There are other places like lawn, a space for taking a casual walk through the beautiful laid out pavement inside the dam.

The dam hosts a beautiful large car parking space upfront that can house ample numbers of cars so hassle free parking is always up for grabs here. Another main tourist attraction of this place includes a soothing coracle ride across the melodic streams of Bhavani river. The 30 minutes ride offers an exquisite view of the dam and places nearby with an unrivalled ambience and a symphonic tone.

The best attraction of Kodiveri lies in the unparalleled taste of fresh water fishes usually caught here and deep friends all under one roof. There are many locals here fishing for fresh dam fishes and since the kodiveri water is world renowned for its raw quality, the same transcends to the quality of fishes.

A lot of tourists flock the place just to get a good taste of the fishes and the raw curry flavour best tied up with the richness of Kongu flavour. On the whole Kodiveri is in every word a place that never should be missed.