All you need to Ukkadam Lake 2023

One thing that has always added a gist of pleasant aesthetic to the layout undeniably has to be the Ukkadam lake which never really failed in putting a smile on anyone’s face crossing the busy roads of Ukkadam.

It’s 2021 and things largely remain the same, the pleasant breeze, people still feeling awestruck looking at the gorgeous view at the dusk, but one thing took a dramatic turn, well at least for the good, the overall design element. This blog is a tribute to the Ukkadam lake, the good, the better and the best about this place.



Ukkadam lake is known as the Periyakulam and is located near the main bus terminal of Ukkadam and is quite accessible by foot from the main bus junction.

On the other end it is nuzzled right across the famous Ukkadam market tucked away on the road leading to the Perur junction. It is 5.8kms from Gandhipuram and less than a mile away from Coimbatore’s Railway station.

Ukkadam Periyakulam

Being the face of Ukkadam since centuries, Ukkadam periyakulam or Ukkadam Lake as Coimbatore people fondly calls it, the lake is spread over a whopping 1.295 kmacross one of the most populated areas in Coimbatore.

Don’t let the melodic looking stream fool you as this beauty touches a staggering 19ft below that can easily drown anyone. The lake belongs under the Public works department of the Government of Tamil Nadu from which the city corporation took over mid 2023 on a jaw-dropping 90 year old lease.

Ever since the move, there have been constant works happening here at bullet speed to renovate the lake which was once in a awry state. These lakes require frequent cleaning thanks to which this is easily one of the cleanest lakes of Coimbatore by a huge margin.

So where exactly does the water come from? To put the words in a simple answer, it’s from Noyyal which is just about a few kms from the Ukkadam lake. The lake is fed by canal from Noyyal river.

Another interesting aspect of the Ukkadam lake seems to be the striking connections with the Valankulam lake through an outlet from which the water can be released through four gates on the extreme southern end of the Ukkadam lake.

The lake is known for its rich fauna as the lakes are often decorated by different species of Zooplankton often spotted on the lines of the Ukkadam Lake. The growth multiplies into folds before the start of the summer. Though you can’t really see this zooplankton, what we can actually see and maybe enjoy clicking a few good shots are the 48 species of birds that have made the Ukkadam lake their home away from home.

Most of these numbers are recorded during the months of March and February that ideally marks the start of the summer from which the scorching sun takes the Ukkadam lake for a wild ride. Some of the notable yet amusing bird varieties include little grebes, purple moorhen and few others adding up to the list.

Ukkadam Lake Smart City project

Ever since the talk of Ukkadam lake getting an urban makeover amidst the smart city project surfaced online, it raised several eyebrows with people of Coimbatore glued to the podium to get a glance of what was once the biggest and first makeover in Coimbatore’s lake.

Well the expectations were met when the park was unveiled with a new facelift that has given the Ukkdam a urban makeover it’s always lacked. For starters, the lake itself adds as a natural beauty to get the instant attention and as we slowly walk-by we start to admire the other beautiful aspects of this place.

For example, the space allotted for a casual stroll during early wee hours or the cozy evening, the stone benches to add a blissful vibe to the already breezy destination. The amber lighting adds to the overall spark of the Ukkadam lake and brings the lake to life when the sun sets in.

There is also a dedicated selfie spot here that seems to have taken the netizens by storm as this has turned out to be one of the most sought after places to click a photo in the Ukkadam lake.

Apart from these eye candies, there is also something to answer your cravings. Yes they have already allotted spaces for food stalls and canteens to make sure this turns out to be the miniature beach kind of vibe to the Coimbatore people. Maybe a sighting of few people fishing can really bring a smile to the face after all.

Have you checked out the newly renovated smart city project in Ukkadam lake? What are your ideas about them? Would love to hear from you and watch this space for some more amazing contents.