Best Places to Visit Near Peelamedu

Guess we have already seen enough how Peelamedu has managed to pull off a ravishing atmosphere spinning around the beautiful life in Coimbatore. Be it the people or always busy shops keeping the roads occupied till nights, or the wide road that has kept us awestruck over the years.

But apart from the colleges, schools, factories and hospitals, what exactly do you expect from Peelamedu? Well here are a few sightings that you can check out in Peelamedu if you are looking for a leisure time to spend around the city.

1.Fun Mall

Fun mall was, is and will be one of the prominent faces of Peelamedu to the outside world. Touted to be the second mall to venture into Coimbatore after the mighty Brookfields, Fun mall has been serving the purpose of a perfect weekend retreat for the people of Peelamedu ever since its inception.

Well the glitz and glamour has certainly gone down in recent times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Fun mall is one of the best places to visit in Peelamedu.

Fun Mall was unveiled on 19th of August 2012 amidst an uproaring event and a frenzy crowd going insane over this newly built Mall in the neighborhood of Peelamedu. The mall was built on an impressive 3.5 acre site amidst the busy streets of Peelamedu. It has 6 levels with 2 underground levels for parking facilities.

Adding to the package is a host of shopping centers for dresses, home appliances and more. There is also a dedicated food court at the top most floor that has the likes of highly rated food chains devoted to the foodies in Peelamedu.

Apart from these there are also small time stalls set up occasionally as well as few events happening around the corner sometimes that seems to have kept the mall spirit up and going.

So now comes the best part, the five screen multiplex that has lured not just the Peelamedu people, but cinephiles from all over the city with its impressive range of cinematic experience which was a first time in the city.

The movie screens are well maintained with the seating facility offering exceptional comfort that promises an unrivalled movie watching experience for the people.

2.GD Naidu Museum

Just under a 10 minutes drive from Peelamedu will take you to the astonishing place where the basic concept of rare car collections comes to life in flesh and bones. GD museum is the visionary idea of GD Naidu who himself was a hardcore motor enthusiast who wanted to break the stereoptype in India for which he himself went the extreme steps to get the international standards of motorcycle and cars courses to India and was also successful in doing so.

The prominent factors to have this museum incepted in Coimbatore seems to be GD Naidu’s idea of having people to actually see this car and understand the technology behind it.

The museum is home to many of the rare cars to ever be on the roads. So if you are a petrolhead or car enthusiast this is the best place to visit near Peelamedu hands down.

3.Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple

Sri Ashtamsa Varadha Anjaneyar Temple serves as the perfect place to experience the spiritual ambience in Peelamedu. This temple is solely devoted to Lord Hanuman as the name suggests and is quite popular among the people in Peelamedu and all over Coimbatore.

The temple comes to its complete glory during the start of September and goes on till the mid of October where the overwhelming crowds flock the temple on every Saturday bringing the traffic to stand still. Apart from Lord Hanuman, there is also Goddess Lakshmi gracing the temple at the other end making this the perfect place for a peaceful weekend evening with your family in Peelamedu.

4.Iskcon Coimbatore

If you are planning for a spiritual weekend at Peelamedu, then Iskcon is another place that you surely would never want to miss out in Coimbatore. The temple is a part of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness that has various temples set all over in the country.

In Coimbatore, iskcon is set up near Codissia that’s around a 10 minutes drive from the center of Peelamedu. The temple is known for its grandeur set up and whitish interior that gets a sophisticated treatment all over. The overall experience is on the brighter side, with a lot of nicer things that go really well with the overall outlook of the temple.

With a codissia trade complex nearby that adds up to another wow factor as this place is known for hosting exhibitions, events and other happening functions near Peelamedu.

These are the best places to visit in Peelamedu to ignite a fresh blissful vibes to your day.