Everything you need to know about Silent Valley

A flamboyant piece of pristine looking destination hidden on the lusty looking Nilgiris range on the folds of Kerala. Silent valley is every bit of a tremendous artwork of nature, sliding over the lines of marvelous lush green layers paired with beautiful fauna that recreates the magic of tropical wildlife, something we never really get to breathe in at this point.

This blog will unfold the things you need to know about Silent Valley before you plan a trip to this tantalizing forest.



Silent valley is tucked away in the Mannarkkad region of Kerala. Interestingly Silent valley is just about 60kms drive from Coimbatore, that’s technically less than a 90 minutes drive through the tricky roads of Anaikatty. It’s 54 kms from Palakkad through a much decent road that even offers proper bus services that’s shuttling between the two ends every hour.

Silent Valley is one of the rarest rainforests and also a national park in the South region of India, far away from the eagle eyes of the concrete world and honking sounds. It is located on the Nilgiris Hills that’s sprung across an impressive 89.52km2 that is covered by an additional buffer zone of 148km2.

The area first came to limelight in 1847 when botanist Robert Wight began exploring the lands of Silent valley and its impressive range of flora. Since it’s on the lines of Western Ghats, the climate is always a thing of pristine beauty with the temperature often showering with light drizzles to dwell with nature.

This gorgeous national park is named Silent Valley owing to the absence of any distracting noises from the outside world. The park itself is a form of a parallel universe full of nature coexisting with the concrete world that we live in.

Kerala’s plan to implement a hydro project on a huge chunk of land in the park was heavily foiled by the environmental activists during the 1970s which eventually led to the preservation of the forest as a national park during the start of 1980.

Silent Valley Tourism

The kerala government run tourism have always been on their toes to upkeep the sense of freshness and vivid shades of the forest in their tourism package as well. The site to book entry tickets offer a complete breakdown of the list of things that gets covered in the trekking experience. The itinerary has undergone change over time and climate.

There are lists of things that you can do in Silent Valley. From safari to trekking, the amusement menu just gets meatier and better. But plan in advance with the officials as unlike other national parks, the silent valley is under rigid surveillance round the clock and getting an entry at the last moment would often be a suffocating experience.

You can start your day by trekking into the dreamy lands of Silent valley deep into melodic charms of tall tropical trees hovering over you, transporting your mind and soul into a different world of tantalizing memories. Or perhaps take a safari trip down the lane to get amazing panoramic shots of heavenly valley or the indigienous animals and insects.

From then there’s looking back as Silent Valley is waiting for you to step into a whole new level of adventure. Offbeat traveling gets a complete makeover here as every step is an overboard of nature intervening into our lifestyle and choices that’re so trivial from choosing what you wish to see to where you bunker.

The stay gets better with a river hut where you get to live a blissful life at an overnight stay near Bhavani river with lush green bamboo trees gazling you. There are close to 16 endangered bird species in addition to many here. If you are an avid bird watcher, you are sure to love this place and find yourself getting addicted to chirping sounds.

You can see at least 34 different kinds of animals here, like the lion-tailed macaque, nilgiris langur, tahr etc. These animals offer a great sight of the wildlife, especially for travellers who dig photographing the wild animals in their natural den.

Be really precautioned as to where to take your step without the guide by your side, as parts of the dense forest is known to house fiercely tigers, wild tuskers, leopards and more. And it’s an usual sight to see giant cats venturing out to get the deers.

You can perhaps camp overnight here as well. A call in advance can get everything set for you even before you reach the destination.

Silent valley is unlike any other, a fresh sense of freedom, a ticket to get up close and personal with nature like never before. Be it with friends or family or all by your own, a silent valley is a must visit place on your checklist especially if you are a travel freak in Coimbatore.