Everything You Need to Know About Sulur

A lesser known suburb of Coimbatore, Sulur has centuries old tales to tell of its own and its significance that has made some of the important dimensional changes to the outlook of Coimbatore.

One simply can’t ignore the rustic beauty of Sulur and its importance over the years by offering a whole new meaning to the word ‘Commercial Street’ while managing to bring everything under one roof. Let’s look at why Sulur is a special addition to Coimbatore and what are all the things that you need to check out in Sulur.


Sulur Location

Sulur’s location makes it an ideal meetup hub for different towns surrounding Coimbatore like Tirupur or Palladam. Sulur is roughly around 25kms from the center of Coimbatore and is nuzzled near the likes of Karanampettai. It is accessible through the Avinashi highways.

It is 33kms away from Tirupur central Bus Stand. Sulur becomes the ideal checkpoint just before the Singanallur junction. It is 18kms away from Palladam and is connected well through prominent buses.

Sulur as of 2001 had a population of around 24,359  of which 51% represents the male and the rest the women. The overall literacy rate of Sulur stands at a decent 78% which is much higher than the national average of 59.5%

But this doesn’t come as a surprise as Sulur has a never ending list of capable schools and did we mention the popular RVS dental college? Well add that to the list too.

Sulur was initially known as Suralur until the ninth century after which the name has gone for numerous makeovers in the following centuries before zeroing in on the ‘Sulur’ again. There are several unresolved theories spinned around the Etymology while some believe the name is derived from the Sugarcane element which is often known as Sural.

Sulur’s History

Sulur has centuries old history pinned to its armor. It indeed dates back to 2300 years ago when ancient coins of Iran dating back to the 3rd century have been found here in a clean condition. Sulur was ruled by the great Aditya Cholan during the early 9th century who also took pride in introducing agriculture to the lands of Sulur. It was only during reign, the great Sulur reservoir was also built.

the 13th century saw the rule being changed to Pandian dynasty when Sundra Pandian renovated the now popular Sulur Lake which has been adding surprising elements of aesthetic values to the overall outlook of Sulur. Another surprising factor seems to be the traces of very first civilization, the Harappa civilization on the Megalithic poetry which is now preserved in the prestigious British Museum after being found first during digging at Sulur.

The rich history of Sulur needs a standalone blog of how this mini sub urban has been radically proving out to be an impeccable addition to the overall outlook of Coimbatore. It was only during the rule of Vijanagara period, a lot of Kannada and telugu community made Sulur their forever home and it is still evident as there the number of these community people outnumber that of the local language speaking people.

There were numerous archaeological diggings that happened over the years in Sulur which had several findings dating back to centuries back some of which were traced back to 1st centuries as well.

Sulur Air Force

Sulur Air Force is one of the prominent landmarks of Sulur and has been over the years the undeniable face of Sulur and places nearby, in fact this is the only air base in Coimbatore is located at around 27 kms from the center of Coimbatore. It is an air base of the Indian Air Force which also marks to be the second largest airbase in India after the much bigger Hindon AFS.

The duties of this air base seems to be housing air forces that are meant to protect India’s sea protocols. The air force is built in such a unique way that it houses both the aggressively styled fighter jets as well as the transport flights all under one roof, a unique feat in Indian Air Force base as this is the only base in India to accommodate two types of flights under one roof.

Not just jets, the base is also home to trainer pilots as well as carrier helicopters and attack choppers. This also marks to be the important Southern Command headquarters. This IAF Base in Sulur is a former Navy and Indian Navy base. The Sulur Air Force base was first nuzzled during the early 1940s under the British rule as a touchdown built by the Royal Navy.

During the late 1960s, this base was used for civil aviation and a general area for motorcycling sports. But during 1984, it came under the complete control of Indian Air Force and has stayed the same ever since then.

Sulur Lake

Sulur lake is one of the most important faces of Sulur after the prestigious Air Force base. The long stretchy roads of Sulur is graced by the melodically flowing Sulur lake that adds a serene beauty to the picturistic view especially for those who are on a long ride through these wide roads.

The Sulur Lake is a famous attraction here which comes to life during the weekends and evenings where the place is flocked by many people during these times. Unlike many other lakes, Sulur Lake is in mint condition thanks to the effective works of the city corporation running from pillars to post to make this lake look clean and beautiful at any given day.

So what is that special thing you really like about Sulur? Let us know while we will storm your feed with more amazing contents on places and lifestyle in and around Coimbatore.