Morni Fort Nature Museum cum Learning Centre – a gem to visit in Morni

Chandigarh is surrounded by multiple hill stations, most of which lie in Himachal Pradesh. However, there is one hill station in Haryana as well, which is very close to Chandigarh and is a must-visit place. The hill station name is Morni hills, and its most famous tourist spot is Tikkar Taal. But, recently, another major tourist attraction has been added to this hill station, which is Morni Fort.

Before you say that you have heard about it and it is a dismal old fort, you need to read this article and see the snaps before uttering those words. I am sure, by the end of this article, you will definitely plan a trip to Morni Fort – the destination for your next family outing.

Morni Fort has seen a major revamp and it is not the same old small fort

So, starting to walk the talk, I will tell you why you should visit Morni Fort. From a lonely old fort with no facilities at all, Forest Department of Haryana has done wonders to this place. It has now become a nature museum cum learning center and has seen excellent tourist attraction ever since.

The main attractions of Morni Fort – there is a lot more to see than just thick walls

Ever since Morni Fort has become a nature museum cum learning center, it has become an instant hit amongst families. If you have children and young kids in your family, I can bet that they will like this place and will keep talking about it for long. Let me tell you about some highlights of this tourist spot –

The Entrance

The entrance has a big gate and a board that reads the National Museum cum Learning Centre. The fort walls are like any other fort and give you a feeling of entering a royal place.

As you enter – The open area and the wild animals roaming around

As soon as you enter the fort gate, you get to witness good quality statues of a lot of wild animals. There are tigers, lions, deer, leopards, and a lot of other wild animals waiting to take a selfie with you. One of the sculptures showcases a tiger attacking a deer. There are many more such magnificent sculptures to look and wow at.

Photography is allowed on the campus so you can take a high-quality camera and can capture each detail of the fort.

The art on the walls

Not only the open area but the internal walls also contain a lot of artistic sculptures. The artwork on the walls is an example of how much effort and thought Haryana Tourism has put into beautifying this place.

The great site of the hills

Not only the internal view, but the external view is mesmerizing as well. You can click photographs of the natural surroundings and can also view the Shivalik range from the fort.

The depictions inside the caves – Catch the tiger, watch for the cute ladybirds

When you think that the open area, the walls, and the sight of the hills are all so good, you get to witness another beauty. There are several small caves like structures that depict ancient human and animal lives. They have appropriately named odysseys as they showcase an exciting journey of the animals and humankind.

The leopard on the tree – a resting masterpiece

A major attraction in the Morni Fort is a leopard taking rest on a tree. In the first look, it looks like an actual animal sitting on the tree waiting for its prey. Only when you dare to look at it the second time, you realize that it is not real.

The learning center

There is a separate learning section where you get to know about different animals. It is useful for educating the small children and the young kids about the fort and the animals.

The temple

Next to the entrance of Morni Fort is a small temple which is very colorful and attracts the eyes immediately. If you are fond of visiting temples, you can spend some time here as well.

How to reach Morni Fort and what is its distance from Chandigarh?

Morni Fort is only 41 km from Chandigarh, and it hardly takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours to reach this place. The Google map quickly takes you to this place without any navigation issues. However, the way to this small fort is terrific, and you cannot resist stopping yourself in between for clicking amazing profile pictures.

The parking facility at this new tourist spot

There is an appropriate parking facility available; you need to be proficient in driving on hills. Some people take their vehicle to the very top, but I would suggest you park your car at the exact parking spot.

Options to eat at Morni Fort, Morni Hills

Unfortunately, Morni Fort does not have any food court or canteen. So, you need to take your food and water along with you to avoid any inconveniences.

Public Conveniences

Public conveniences are available near the parking area, which you can use for free.

A hustle bustle free place – a spot with no massive rush

Since this is a relatively new tourist spot, it is free from massive rush most of the time. So, you can enjoy your time there, along with your family.

For those who like to indulge into the history – a quick history of the fort

Morni Fort was built in the 17th century in Morni Hills at the height of 1200 meters above the sea level. In 1814, King of Sirmur was ousted from Nahan by Gurkha invaders, and then he came to this place and lived here.

Later, the possession of this fort was with the Mirs of Morni, who gave this place’s possession to the forest department of Haryana in 1977. It was, however, in 2017-2018, when the forest department decided to revamp this place into a beautiful nature museum cum learning center.

A word of advice to the tourists

Those who have visited Morni hills know that one should visit Morni hills mainly during day time. While visiting Morni Fort, you should carry food and water with you to avoid any inconveniences.

Where to stay when visiting Morni Fort?

It is best to stay in Chandigarh, which is at a distance of 41 KMs from where you can make a round trip to Morni fort. You can also plan to stay at Haryana tourism rooms at Tikkar Taal if you want to enjoy more about Morni hills. If you wish to stay nearby, then you can book your stay at the Mountain Quail Resorts, Morni.

Places to visit nearby Morni Fort

If you start from Chandigarh, you can enjoy at Morni Fort for two to three hours. After that, you can visit Tikkar Taal the same day and enjoy the rest of your day there before returning to Chandigarh.