Things you may miss in Coimbatore after corona outbreak as a part of quarantine changes

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm, the number is on an all time rise and people are shut down from accessing the real world outside as the quarantine is still intact. The Manchester city of South has been under lockdown from March and ever since then we haven’t really let our hair down for a wild weekend or just the usual Kovai things. You might have to kiss goodbye to a few things. Listed Down is the possible Things you may miss in Coimbatore after the Corona outbreak and lockdown as a result of quarantine changes.

Malls won’t be the same

Yes you read that right, the always fun and happening Malls in the city might not be the same again after the outbreak ends as a part of the quarantine changes in Coimbatore. Though there’s no official word on resuming the activities in mall, chances are that they might not be what they used to be, our favourite go-to weekend strolling in Coimbatore will be deserted for much longer. This will be the hardest quarantine changes in Coimbatore for anyone that’s loves shopping as much as me.

No more Movies

Probably theatre is the next destination where the families and millennial flocked alike after malls in Coimbatore. Multiplexes will not be opened any time soon and this is one place where the odds of letting social distancing go for a toss is sky high. But hey here’s the good news, there are tonnes of movies releasing in OTT platforms every week to keep you that movie buff in you alive this Quarantine. A major quarantine change indeed.

Travelling won’t be Fun

Bad news for all the travel lovers out there in the city, the riding boots might have to hang at the corners a bit more as a downside of the quarantine difficulties in Coimbatore. Though Inter districts travelling are allowed with proper surveillance and guidelines, it is confined only to the essential travel during emergency that’s validated with an Epass. Even after the corona outbreak settles down, we might have to pull the plug on ‘coffee at Ooty’ plan for a while, sadness intensifies!

Dine-ins going for a spin

We love to eat here, no denying that. We always loved to explore the cuisines here, right from the street foods at VOC Park to the never dying Desi Chats vibe at R.S.puram. Gone are the days when we used to check in to any restaurants in Coimbatore without our brains calculating the risks associated with it. With the Corona and the lockdown getting an upper hand over us, we can, maybe sacrifice the craving inside us till the pandemic outbreaks subdues as the quarantine might get extended till a vaccine enters the party.

Bad time for wedding bells

Walking down the aisle is literally one of the best feelings for anyone, but if you are planning to enter the wedding phase after the outbreak you can still do it but hey not with your favourite people by your side as a part of the major quarantine changes. Not just wedlock, any public gatherings, events or concerts in Coimbatore will be off the radar even after the outbreak ends, of course not forever but for a little long just to be on the safer side.

Time to pray at home

What most of the people here preferred doing at their weekends or at least what all the families loved was paying their favourite shrines a must visit during weekends. With the climate being so romantic to us off lately, a small trek to Isha or Marudamalai might sound straight out of travelogue Journal, but they have remained to keep their doors shut until the Covid-19 ends its streak. It’s been over a month now and the only people allowed inside the temples are the shrine’s officials to maintain the place.

Pumping Iron at gym is far-fetched reality now

Too bad the six packs resolution has to be pushed much further or maybe you can still workout at home to be that ripped guy. I mean really with the virus spreading so quickly like a forest fire, don’t you really think walking into the gym with people passing the weights and bars really sound like a bad idea? Don’t lose hope, cash in on this quarantine and watch workout videos and apps to help you look like that ripped Greek god. We can’t really help but feel nostalgic when we get that flashback Fridays or throwback Thursday spamming our mind where the concept of quarantine and virus outbreak looked like any other sci-fi movie theme back then. But a bit of social distancing and self isolation goes a long way in ensuring a safer tomorrow, break the chain by staying indoors till the outbreak ends. Drop in your comments on your ideal plan once the corona outbreak ends

Festival Restrictions

COVID precautionary measurements have brought in the social distancing norms into almost everything possible, right from ATM centers to even offices. Something we ain’t complaining considering the ruckus the corona pandemic has been creating with corona cases increasing every single day. But in a country like India, where there is festivals happening almost on every alternative day throughout the year how effective is the social distancing? Obviously zero and that’s why the authorities have pulled the plug on a lot of festivals some of the bigger ones like Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals from happening. Staying home is a lot safer than getting back to the crowds we guess.