Top 20 best tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh

You can visit Himachal Pradesh to explore the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is actually “the land of snow”a moon and a delightful place which is called the land of beauty and meditation. There are many important destination places in Himachal Pradesh that can be visited during the summer season and all other season but because this is the cold place so summer travel is most favourable.

Manali – the highest visited tourist destination in Himachal

Manali is one of the best Himachal pradesh tourist places. a tourist destination in Himachal. Settled in the middle of the snow-covered slants of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges, Manali is one of the most well-known slope stations in the nation. With stunning perspectives, lavish green timberlands, rambling knolls covered with blossoms, spouting blue streams, an interminable fantasy like fog waiting noticeable all around, and an industrious scent of pines – Manali has been honored with remarkable picturesque magnificence.

From historical centers to sanctuaries, from interesting little hipster towns to clamoring upscale roads, stream experiences to journeying trails, Manali has a long list of motivations to be the traveler magnet it is, throughout the entire year.

Influencing eucalyptus trees, charming little restaurants, little kitschy neighborhood commercial centers, and bistros which serve tasty nearby food at mind blowing costs, Old Manali is a quiet, serene spot, whose waiting quietness is broken simply by the twittering of the winged creatures and the sound of the thundering waters of the Kullu River.

Solang Valley is the of the most visited puts in Manali, with the drive up to Solang being as pleasant as the valley itself. Not exclusively does Solang Valley offer some stunning perspectives on the encompassing scene, yet its slants are likewise an extremely famous skiing objective, particularly during the winters. In summers, the spot transforms into a paragliding sanctuary. In case you’re an undertaking aficionado, Solang Valley has adrenaline-siphoning exercises, for example, zorbing and horse-riding accessible.

With in excess of 25 lakh guests consistently, Rohtang Pass effectively stands apart as one of the most well known beautiful spots to visit in Manali. Associating the Lahaul and Kullu valleys, the Rohtang Pass is well known among nature sweethearts, picture takers and experience searchers the same. Mountain trekking or skiing while encompassed by the sensational icy masses and snow-covered tops on all sides is an elating encounter.

Manali is likewise home to a minuscule cut of history, as the Naggar stronghold. Situated among the amazing timberlands in Naggar town, the Naggar Castle is a shocking verifiable building. When utilized as the habitation of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu, the château is a fine mix of conventional Himalayan and European engineering. With superb chimneys, flawlessly fabricated flights of stairs, and fastidious wood and stone works, the Naggar Castle is an unquestionable requirement visit when you’re in Manali.


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India and a famous slope station among Indian families and honeymooners. Arranged at the stature of 2200m, Shimla was the mid-year capital of British India. Shimla actually holds its old-world enchant with excellent pilgrim engineering, walker agreeable Mall Road, and the edge agreed with numerous shops, bistros, and cafés.

The climate is wonderful for the majority of the months with travelers rushing particularly throughout the mid year months. The winters are cold with certain long stretches of snow from mid-December till February end.

Shimla is all around associated with numerous urban communities and is only 4 hours from the close by city of Chandigarh. The city has an air terminal also; in any case, there aren’t numerous day by day departures from here. The railroad station associates Shimla with the plans and is renowned for the Kalka-Shimla train highway; an UNESCO recorded World Heritage site.

Shimla is frequently secured with close by towns of Kufri, a slope station quite often secured by day off Chail, well known for a gigantic castle and the most elevated cricket ground on the planet. Vacationers additionally visit the celebrated Jakhu Temple and take part in touring at different perspectives during their excursion to Shimla.

Mcleodganj– a tourist destination in Himachal for nature lovers

Mcleodganj is a slope station close to Dharamshala, well known among travelers. Situated in Kangra region, Mcleodganj’s way of life is a lovely mix of Tibetan with some British impact.

Otherwise called Little Lhasa and well known the world over for being home to the Tibetan profound pioneer Dalai Lama, Mcleod Ganj is an excellent town arranged close to upper Dharamsala. Settled in the midst of great slopes and lavish greenery, this town is socially honored by an unmistakable Tibetan impact inferable from the significant settlement of Tibetans here. Mcleodganj has one of the most hypnotizing scenes in the whole province of Himachal Pradesh and pulls in a great deal of sightseers consistently.

The towns of Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Nag, and Kangra are arranged near one another and sightseers must cover every one of these objections while going here. Not many of the most prominent and strictly huge cloisters in India are situated here, including the Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang, where the otherworldly pioneer Dalai Lama dwells. Travelers should likewise visit the grand Dal Lake and Triund, which are well-suited for calm picnics.


The small Hollywood of Dalhousie is heaven concealed in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. It gloats of old-world appeal, entrancing regular scenes, pine-clad valleys, blossom embellished glades, quick streaming waterways, and great hazy mountains. This slope station was one of the most loved summer objections of the Britishers during the Indian pilgrim period. The Scottish and Victorian engineering helps you to remember its pioneer legacy while the wispy air keeps on sharpening British smells.

Arranged a long way from the humming urban areas in the nation, this curious town transports you to a contamination-free climate in the lap of nature. Dalhousie has a number of mountains and waterway streams that vacationers must visit. Among them, the most popular are Panch Pulla, Satdhara Falls, and the Daikund top.

Spiti Valley– an adventurous tourist destination in Himachal

Long winding streets and valleys that present extraordinary looks at the cold desert and snow-delegated mountains invite you when you set foot into Spiti Valley. Verged on all sides by the Himalayas, Spiti Valley, situated in Himachal Pradesh, has a height of 12,500 feet above ocean level and gets simply around 250 days of daylight in the year, making it probably the coldest spot in the nation. With the thick Himalayan snow cutting Spiti off from the remainder of the nation for around a half year a year, the late spring months are the main time Spiti is legitimately available through motorway.

The term Spiti signifies ‘The Middle Land’, as Spiti Valley isolates India from Tibet. Meagerly populated, Spiti is an experience darling’s heaven, with various journeying trails that sightseers can look over. These trips start from Kaza (Spiti’s capital from where you make your headquarters) to different tops from where you can get all-encompassing perspectives on the Himalayan mountains.

A simple 1.5-kilometer journey along the Spiti River from Dhankar Monastery to Dhankar Lake guarantees flawless perspectives on the towns underneath. The Dhankar Lake itself is where you can take a load off in the midst of the cool mountain air.

The Spiti Valley Trek is a safe house for experience searchers and travelers as it offers a journey across the absolute generally concealed, dream-like scenes, looked after by glorious landscapes. The mountain ropeway from Kibber to Chichum is additionally another famous vacation destination that offers tremendous perspectives on the chasm underneath, too an elevated perspective on the encompassing pinnacles.

Kasol – a tourist destination in Himachal for Fun

Kasol is a curious little town in Himachal arranged along the banks of the waterway Parvati. Generally known as the ‘Amsterdam of India’, Kasol is a vacation spot that is quickly picking up distinction as a mainstream center point for adventurers, hikers, and nature darlings. Kasol has arranged 23 km from Bhuntar and close to the strict town of Manikaran and is probably the best spot in the nation just to kick back and chill in the scene of snow-clad mountains, pine trees, and murmuring waterway.

Kasol is celebrated for its journeying trails, which incorporate trips to Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sar Pass, and Pin Parbati Pass. To get a genuine vibe of the way of life in this district, go on a visit to the town of Malana. Found a couple of kilometers from Kasol, Malana is a little village occupied by individuals living in purposeful separation.

The individuals of Malana guarantee themselves to be Aryan relatives, because of which they stay away from communication with pariahs. The town has a lot of grand sights, however, and is regularly called ‘Little Greece’.

Kasol is occupied by countless individuals from Israel, which is perceivable from the plenteously accessible Israeli food, and the road signs recorded in Hebrew. Kasol has many streetside bistros that serve delectable food, and the experience of sitting and getting a charge out of supper in the midst of the dim green backwoods and the spectacular mountains make the feast considerably more agreeable.

Kasol has a swap meet that sells an assortment of things, so you can get knickknacks, keepsakes, pendants, and even semi-valuable stones to reclaim home for loved ones.


Dharamshala or Dharamsala city is situated in Kangra locale a good ways off of 18 km from Kangra city. Dharamsala is isolated into upper and lower divisions with various heights. The lower division is simply the Dharamsala town. while the upper-division is found 3km away and prevalently known as Mcleodganj. Dharamsala is unmistakably visited for the transport associations and the clamoring market.

Dharamsala is the home to Dalai Lama, the Buddhist chief who runs his legislature in a state of banishment from Dharamsala. Presently, what preferable put on earth over this little town set on the lower regions of Dhauladhar reaches to encounter the rich and magnificent Tibetan culture. In the year 1959, Dalai Lama came to India with his supporters and settled, rather improved the town of Dharamsala, changing it into the little Lhasa.

Dharamsala, for a long time, has been a focal point of contemplation and harmony, with a large number of individuals from around the globe coming here to look for Nirvana.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is perched at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. Deriving its name from the Tirthan River flowing through it, Tirthan Valley lies around 3 km from the entrance of the Great Himalayan National Park. This place is abundant in adventurous activities and a paradise for nature lovers. You may Play games from tn hindi blogspot and enjoy the beauty from heart.

The magnificent Himalayas with snow-covered tops looking over the Tirthan River, this valley is best known for its trout fishing, trekking, and adventure activities and beautiful guesthouses set in nature.


Frequently alluded to as ‘smaller than expected Switzerland of India’, Khajjiar is a modest community close to Dalhousie which gives travelers a remarkable mix of woodlands, lakes, and fields.

The hypnotizing magnificence of this spot has incredibly impacted and motivated numerous realms consistently, including the Rajputs and Mughals. Situated at a height of 6,500 feet, the normal magnificence and beautiful scene of this spot will undoubtedly have a never-ending effect on a vacationer. Khajjiar is known for its nine-opening fairway which is settled amidst rich greenery and an amazing scene. Khajjiar is a little level that likewise has a little lake which is one of the most preferred places of interest in this town.

Khajjiar is encircled by green knolls and thick woods and it is additionally known for its wonderful sanctuaries. This area additionally pulls in experience searchers and has a ton of choices in experience sports like paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, traveling and so on Khajjiar is an unquestionable requirement to visit place for everybody coming to Dalhousie and its close by districts. In any case, the best approach to Khajjiar can be shut in some cases during winters as a result of weighty snowfall.

Kasauli – a beautiful tourist destination in Himachal

Situated in transit from Chandigarh to Shimla, Kasauli is a sloping cantonment town which makes for an ideal tranquil occasion area, particularly for an end of the week escape.tourist destination in Himachal

Kasauli is an unassuming community in the southwestern piece of Himachal in the Solan area and is on the generally lower edges of the Himalayas. Settled in the midst of excellent woody woodlands of pines (Chir Pine), spices (Milk Thistle), and cedar trees, Kasauli owes its magical and tranquil feel to the rich Victorian structures worked by the Britishers who dwelled here years back.

These structures say a lot of the magnificent past of this slope station. Chiefly known for its availability from Chandigarh and Delhi (it found only 65 km away from Chandigarh), Kasauli isn’t about specific attractions or exercises, however about the tranquil climate and delightful properties to remain. Kasauli is additionally a significant fascination for travelers and campers.


One of the twelve locales of Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur is situated on the Indo-Tibet outskirt. Arranged a way off of 235 km from Shimla, Kinnaur has the perspectives on Zanskar Valley, snow-hung Dhauladar range, Chitkul – They keep going down on the indo-Tibet outskirt and have Satluj, Baspa and Spiti waterways wandering through it.

Otherwise called “Place that is known for God”, the main fascination of Kinnaur locale is the strict “Shiva Lingam”, the portrayal of Lord Shiva and the entrancing stone developments change its tones a few times during the day. There are old Buddhist cloisters and sanctuaries in the region which hold specific significance and are venerated by Buddhists.

Aside from religion, Kinnaur likewise has an immense extension in experience sports like journeying and skiing. There are around nine known courses for journeying and some which are five days or six-road trips. Kinnaur is notable for its delightful apples, Chilgoza, handlooms, and painstaking work materials.tourist destination in Himachal

The valleys of Kinnaur are likewise one of the most searched subsequent to outdoor objections in India, Sangla Valley. Apple plantations camps, outdoors on the stream Baspa, and Satluj are a portion of the grand objections to set up your shelters for an astounding outdoors insight.

Bir Billing

Bir is an unassuming community situated in the province of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir Billing is a mainstream objective situated in Joginder Nagar valley referred to for experiences sports, for example, paragliding, journey, and furthermore as the town for contemplation. There is an impact of Tibetan culture because of the Tibetan people group settlement in this town.tourist destination in Himachal

Bir is considered as probably the best spot on the planet for paragliding. The take-off site is called Billing and the arrival site in Bir and the general height change is around 800m. There is some pretty bistro spotting the town serving some scrumptious food. Individuals can likewise go for short climbs, visit the religious communities, take a ride in the close by Jogindernagar-Pathankot Narrow Gauge prepare or simply go through a day at the tea gardens. The town of Bir is additionally a significant focal point of profound investigations and reflection.

Kufri – tourist destination in Himachal for snow lovers

Kufri in Shimla locale, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most searched after occasion objections, and all the more so for couples, in light of its vicinity to Shimla and moderately higher height which makes it a spot with snow all through the winters. tourist destination in Himachal

Kufri is just around 10 km from Shimla and is a significant retreat in case you’re in Shimla and snow is something that energizes you. While there’s not a lot to see in Kufri all things considered, but rather the all-encompassing perspectives and sanctuaries after a touch of traveling merit the time.

Kufri itself is generally treated as a spot for the vacationers visiting Shimla and it is prudent to club touring in Shimla or close by territories like Chail, Mashobra, Naldehra, or Narkanda too in the event that you mean to visit Kufri. Likewise, Kufri is a generally swarmed and mainstream fascination as nearly everybody visiting Shimla comes here.


Chamba is a Himalayan town situated in the Chamba area of Himachal Pradesh. Known for the antiquated sanctuaries, the caverns, and the buildings that compliment Indian history, Chamba is renowned for entrancing perspectives on the Pir Panjal, Zanskar, and Dhauladhar ranges in the background of this image postcard town. This Himalayan town is situated at a height of 996 meters on the banks of waterway Ravi, flanked by Jammu and Kashmir, Lahaul, and Kangra.

Chamba is famous for its conventional crafted works and craftsmanship alongside the smaller than expected Pahari canvases – a type of Indian artistic creation that started from the Himalayan slope realms of North India during the seventeenth to nineteenth hundreds of years. It is additionally the headquarters for a few trips in the incomparable Himalayan reaches.

This, alongside the shocking magnificence and quiet environs, allure voyagers who are searching for a strange area among the somewhat mainstream Himachali towns. tourist destination in Himachal

Chamba praises two famous celebrations – Suhi Mata Mela, held during March/April for four days and Minjar Mela, celebrated on the second Sunday of the Shravana month, or August. This town of extremely old stronghold and sanctuaries has numerous people tunes devoted to it!

This objective ought not be mistaken for the also named Chamba in Uttarakhand.


Chail is a peaceful slope station near Shimla, known for the world’s most noteworthy cricket ground and the legacy inn, Chail Palace, amidst pine and deodar trees.tourist destination in Himachal

Encircled by rich greenery and entrancing perspectives from such extraordinary tallness, known as a climber’s heaven, Chail will undoubtedly give a traveler a critical making a trip insight to a vacationer. This spot is acclaimed for having the world’s most elevated cricket and polo grounds and has a rich hotel arranged on three ridges.

When the mid-year capital of the Patiala Kings, the castle has now been changed over into lodging and a traveler objective. One should likewise visit the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary here. This is the quintessential location for travelers searching for a without a care in the world excursion away from them all the more clamoring and jammed vacationer locations in this state.


Stuffed with a thick green front of pine and deodar trees, the town of Mandi is arranged at the intersection of Kullu and Dharamshala. It is frequently alluded to as ‘Varanasi of Hills’, or ‘Choti Kashi’ as the town has upwards of 81 sanctuaries spread over its territory.

Lying on the banks of River Beas, Mandi likewise shows some old castles and sanctuaries that can be gone back to the fifth century AD. Filling in as an entryway to some renowned valleys, for example, Kullu, Manali, Spiti, and Lahaul, Mandi is a must on your north India schedule which never neglects to captivate its guests. Mandi is additionally the closest town to different journeys like Prashar lake and Janjheli.tourist destination in Himachal.


Kullu, a famous vacationer location in Himachal Pradesh situated on the banks of Beas waterway. With all-encompassing perspectives and magnificent slopes secured with Deodar and Pine trees, it is a nature darling’s heaven. Kullu by and large combined with its sister town Manali which is on a lot higher elevation and gives more grand perspectives.tourist destination in Himachal

Arranged at an elevation of 1230 meters between Pir Pranjal, Lower Himalayan, and Great Himalayan Ranges, Kullu is bountiful with apple plantations, perfect waterway streams, and an awesome atmosphere. Travelers coming to Kullu and Manali can enjoy a great deal of experience sports exercises like stream boating, journeying, mountaineering and so forth Bhuntar, the spot that houses air terminal and transport intersection and is utilized as the base town to arrive at Manikaran, Kasol, Malana, Bhunter and Rohtang Pass is situated in Kullu.

Kullu additionally has hardly any significant sanctuaries like the Raghunath Temple and Jagannath Devi Temple. Aside from sanctuaries, the Pandoh Dam and Chandrakhani Pass are additionally should visit in this locale.


Kaza, sitting crouched toward the edge of Himachal Pradesh is a peaceful escape on the fields of the Spiti River. Lapped by grand mountains shrouded in a day off, and percolating waterways and streams, and beautiful infertile scene with dissipated patches of green, Kaza is a fantasy location.

tourist destination in Himachal It is isolated into two sections: old and new Kaza, each obliging government workplaces and ruler’s royal residence individually. Cloisters, Gompas, and other memorable marvels add appeal to this effectively mystical city. Today, this city is a superb mix of advancement and extraordinary old culture that will leave you charmed with its puzzle.

Palampur – tourist destination in Himachal

With pine and deodar timberlands and tea gardens surrounding the town and various streams pouring in, Palampur is a famous town of Himachal Pradesh situated in the Kangra locale.

Settled between the grand Dhauladhar Ranges, Palampur is known for its tea estates and its fantastic nature of tea. Palampur was first seen by the Englishmen and was before long transformed into a clamoring town as the focal point of exchange and business. Their quality in this town is wonderfully reflected in the Victorian style houses and manors. The remainders of its magnificent past can be found in the excellent mixture of the lovely English style structures and the pleasant scenes.

Palampur is one of the unexplored objections that offers an interesting and peaceful climate to travelers. Among the vacation destinations here, Tashi Jong Monastery, and the tea nurseries ought to be on the must-visit list for anybody  tourist destination in Himachal.

Nahan– tourist destination in Himachal

Away from the humming horde of the city, Nahan is an ideal sentimental escape. Lying among the grand Shivalik range ignoring lavish green fields, earth free streets, and clean roads, this little slope station fills in as an ideal occasion objective.

Nahan has its past spun around numerous stories and legends. Established by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621 as a capital, it is accepted that this town gets its name from a sage named Nahar who inhabited a similar site where this town stands today. According to another variant, the town gets its name from an episode where the lord who was attempting to execute a lion was halted by a holy person named Baba Banwari Das who said Nahar signifying ‘don’t murder’.

The curious town today is dabbed with nurseries, sanctuaries, and an artificial lake. Visit Nahan, a cantonment town of Himachal for an exceptional encounter.tourist destination in Himachal.