Valparai- A complete guide for tourist places, hotels, resorts

A less talked about emotional quotient to the Coimbatore people, a heavenly looking place that doesn’t get the screen space as much as Ooty but can’t deny the fact that Valparai is like the most eligible bachelor in a group of married men.

That’s how insanely competent and beautiful this hill station turns out to be when pitted against its counterparts, adding a new dimension to the word ‘refreshing vibe’, a roadway to Kerala encompassing the vivid terrains and forest.

This is your complete guide of Valparai, a dash of hotels, weather, and tourist places coming up on your screen and probably taunting you tame the hills next time on your motorcycle. Sounds like the perfect ride plan right!

Sharing the hood with Pollachi, we can’t expect anything less than a miracle factor in it. The ambiance of Pollachi is world renowned for its tall coconut trees that stand out in a drone short, if you got one.

Probably one of the few places near Coimbatore that hasn’t given upon its nature to pull the industrialization into the screen. Valparai is exactly 65kms away from the always glowing Pollachi while being 108kms from Coimbatore.

Kovai makkal can’t possibly forget the once iconic roads between the Manchester city and Pollachi decade’s back, when it used to put other highways to shame with their tall trees on both sides all the way to Pollachi.

Thanks to the need to expand the roads over increased traffic, now the road looks more of an urban retreat with all those trees cleared from the sides. The newly constructed bridge and well laid out roads ensures that 25 minutes of your overall journey is now saved, as you can relatively travel much faster.

How to reach Valparai?

Apart from the most commonly used Manchester and Pollachi highways there are other bankable routes you can count on. The most lovable and easily tops the chart of the best road trips of South India, the Sholayur- Valparai is another splendid way of reaching this Hill station from Thrissur or Chalakudy.

You can also step on the gas on Palakkad highways and reach Pollachi from where you can hop on to the Valparai highways in a jiffy.

The nearest airport seems to be the Cochin international airways at 63kms away from the center.

The nearest railway stations are Palakkad at 60kms and Coimbatore railway junction at 102kms.

There are constant buses plying from Coimbatore to Pollachi at everytime you decide to blink your eyes.

Valparai weather

The weather is usually chill, the usual hill station character that I’m definitely never going to hate. Valparai is the perfect hill station amidst the coffee and tea plantations that starts its day with a bright sunny day with a bit of mist subtly crossing the fresh breeze of air, and the fog usually covers up the vibe when the evening decides to hit us with that melodic essence and the temperature takes a huge hit at night with the number falling from 25C to 15C when the perfect dawn hits.

The ideal time to visit maybe starts from November to January when the scenic beauty backs on its full glory and tantalizing green skin under the blissful misty sky, a sight that you should never miss.

Is Valparai worth visiting?

A question that does not pop up with everyone but definitely rings up at someone’s mind, the short answer is yes. Even the answer ‘yes’ would be an understatement considering the finest quality of time a person could get here. Perhaps one should need a standalone post of what to do in Valparai and who can do it better than us when it comes to exploring!

Valparai is your ideal roadways to heaven, a perfect retreat, a weekend getaway that puts the busting lifestyle on the backburner, a place that slows down any raging thoughts, a hill station that piques your interests in nature and sparks a vibe between the people you chose to travel with.

It is a perfect blend of tea and coffee estates coupled with the perfect dams, exotic wildlife, gleamy mellow streams of water gushing down, chiselled narrow roads and sweet people who always have that beaming smile while greeting us.

It is nuzzled at 3,500 ft above the sea level, amidst the foggy Anamalai mountain ranges between God’s own country and Tamil Nadu. Valparai strikes a balanced relationship with Kerala and Tamil Nadu which is quite evident with the foods and also the way residents speak here.

It is surrounded by the Anamalai mountain ranges famous for the Indira Gandhi tiger reserve, in the Western Ghats of Palghat gap. The tiger reserve is huge with close to 1000 sq kms and you can spot a few majestic tigers taming the streets occasionally on your road trips. It is 53 kms from Valparai, the reserve better known as the top slip that falls on the other end.

No two wheelers are permitted past the check post, so you might have to get your car for the business or hire their jeeps for the great fun drive and spot tigers, leopards, Malabar giant squirrels, elephants, common langur, macaque and to name a few.

Tourist Places in Valparai

Other major tourist attractions are at your hands within a 10 to 15 kms radius. Since the roads are lush and greenery, you won’t possibly loathe the extra miles if you had to travel any. Azhiyar dam is probably the first place that strikes off a checklist when someone’s planning a visit to Valparai.

It is 38kms from there and has been one of the main attractions for decades, a timeless classic has been serving as the much necessary backdrop for movie shooting locations and a leisure getaway for the locals. It also has an aquarium, children park and a boat house to never let the fun factor go off the chart.

Monkey falls is another close associate of the Azhiyar dam that’s just a 6kms drive from here. There are specific times to reach the place after which the entries are restricted as it falls under the forest check post region. Overnight stay can be availed at the forest tree house cottages and you can book them with a prior call or intimation.

There are other breathtaking places like the Sholayur and other hidden places near Valparai which you can unravel at the best tourist places in Valparai.

Hotels & resorts in Valparai

Perfect backdrop calls for the perfect stay and Valparai leaves no stones unturned in bringing out the best outings in the houses right from the indigenous cottages to the tree houses, it checks all the boxes on your ideal resort for the staycation.

With Coimbatore and Palakkad at just an hour’s drive away from the center, the deal for the beautiful resort is closed.

Fancy some vintage British cottage styled stay amidst the unoccupied mountains of Anamalai? Then Cots villa is here to sweep you off your feet. Built at the foothills of top slip, it easily lets anyone mistake it for a British building left back decades back, a perfectly styled cottages with black stone bricks, and an open lawn it offers an unrivalled crystal landscape view of the beautiful hills and forest spaces of Anamalai.

Ideal for family stay if you have planned for a trip to the wildlife safari, have a safe stay overnight, under a price that drops your jaw, in a good way for its reasonably well priced rooms. Cell phone towers seem to have taken a nosedive and you are probably going to have to imagine its 2005 where getting a signal was as tough as getting one could imagine.

Find more hotels and resorts at the best resorts in Valparai to zero in on your perfect place to set up that hammock resting in your home.

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