Wild leopard ventures into Valparai, killing a pet dog captured in CCTV footage:

Coimbatore: In what sounds to be an absolute nightmare for the people of Vaazhaithottam in Valparai, a leopard has gone berserk into the village claiming the life of a helpless pet dog.

The Vaazhaithottam area houses thousands of families in Valparai. Natarajan, a resident of this area, was startled to find blood stains on his door this morning.

This prompted the residents to scrutinize the surveillance camera set up in the streets.

CCTV footage near Natarajan’s home shows a wild leopard carrying his neighbour’s pet dog down the aisle at 4am this morning.

The appalled residents informed the forest officials about the leopard on the loose. Investigations surrounding the incident have already started.

The unsettling panic has prompted the residents to demand a quick rehabilitation of the wild leopard to a dense forest at the earliest possible.Valparai is the home of Parambikulam reserve forest that’s famous for its majestic wild cats like tigers, leopards and other exotic species of animals.