10 Astounding Facts About Coimbatore

Coimbatore has always been the favourite kid in a family. Over the years Manchester city has always managed to stay in the good books of those who visit. Be it the breezy climate or generous people, the city checks all the boxes of being everyone’s go-to city. Coimbatore’s history dates back to centuries before. Well we can’t obviously time travel back to those times to know what made the city special, but I do know to dig deeper to bring you 10 Astounding facts about Coimbatore


If tasting the world’s tastiest water is in your wish list, then you are at the right place at the right time. Siruvani dam is the ultimate source from where the water flows to the city. The falls is located approximately 50kms from the center of the city. It turns out to be a perfect weekend getaway for your family or friends as well. With beautiful ambience and not-so crowded roads you are sure to enjoy your road trip to tasting the second sweetest water in the world.


Coimbatore might not obviously be the temple town of Tamil Nadu, but the city is never short on its spiritual life. As a matter of fact, some of the most popular Shrines of Tamil Nadu are located here. Be it the Marudamalai or record breaking Ganapathy temple at Puliakulam, the city has its fair share of spiritual bonding to strike a chord with the ardent devotees all over the country. Not to forget the skyscraper Isha that leaves the tourists in awe!

Educational Front

Coimbatore leads its way in the Educational front. There are loads of educational institutions set up here catering to students all over the state and also neighbouring states. Some of the class leading colleges and schools are located in Manchester city that never fails to give out the best students out every year. The unparalleled quality of education along with uncompromised dignity has long been attracting neighbouring state’s students consequently.

IT hub

Chances of Coimbatore leading the IT brigade in Tamil Nadu doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched reality anymore. Why? Simply because many of the top names in IT fields are considering Coimbatore to spread their wings and develop a hub. The most important reason being the already crowded suffocation in top tier cities and the unrivalled quality of students here looking to work in a big firm.


The most common aspect where the city tops the list is the unimaginable climate. The breezy wave of chilled blissfulness is something you should experience yourself. However owing to the climate changes, the ambience here has taken a minor hit but nevertheless you will never be disappointed with the natural aura this beautiful place has to offer you in winter.


The cordial relationship between Coimbatore and Ooty has a long way to go back in the history books and you might even need to have a look at the British rule that paved the way for urbanization in Ooty. The climate is unlike any other you have come across in the state. And for the locals, Ooty is just another picnic spot to reach at a 4 hr drive through the tantalizing roads. Blessed I must say. So next time on your visit to the city, make sure you have figured out a way to include Ooty in your checklist.

Textile Industry

It’s a known fact that textile industries have been flourishing in the city even before all the malls were starting to join the club. The cotton factories are always on the hyper active mode round the year churning out enough materials for exporting throughout the country and also worldwide. Thanks to the never dying cotton industries, the blooming economy made others call it the Manchester of South India, a historical feat we will never forget.


The uniqueness of the city flows through the food menu as well. Coimbatore is known for its indigenous taste and unparalleled quality over price. With Kerala being the neighbour kid you are exposed to different varieties of appetite with a dash of Kerala vibes teasing your taste buds. The perfect blend of tradition with a sprinkle of urban fusion along with an essence of mallu vibe can never go wrong. You can probably check out the neighbouring state too with a road trip of just under the 2 hour mark.


Well, one point where I can cash in on all my money is obviously the traffic conditions. I don’t think there is no need for me to stress out how insane the traffic is turning out to be in top tier cities. Coimbatore scores in this game with a decent crowd on the road and the normal traffic won’t make you go crazy. With bridge works around the corner, you are ought to find the traffic getting a bit stiffer but rest assured with the completion of all the bridges, the infrastructure of the city is going to be on a whole new league.

Urban nightlife

The reason why night life takes the last spot is for the simple fact that the urban culture is still in its blooming stage. It hasn’t turned out to be a strong frontier but with IT hubs making Coimbatore their second home and sights of outlets and pubs becoming a more common sight, the chances of nightlife taking the first spot when you come back next time is sky high.
You have a million other reasons to love the city. For over million families pinning hopes on the city for a better lifestyle, Coimbatore has never disappointed any of them. Make sure to visit the Manchester hub to know why the city remains to be the soul for many.