Everything you need to know about Gandhipuram: Location, Bus terminals, Hotels in 2023

Gandhipuram isn’t just any other regular integral part of the city. Not really. The trappings are of course there: the vivid hotels, movie theaters, important city bus terminals, corporate buildings, and much more.

But there’s something more to the place, something that’s underlying, it’s more than meets the eyes. A history that dates back to centuries before that forms as a building block in making Gandhipuram the heart of Coimbatore. This blog is all about things you need to know about Gandhipuram and its history.

History of Gandhipuram

Gandhipuram is undeniably one of the most prominent and oldest sub-urban areas of Coimbatore with a history that dates back to a timeline that can’t be tracked with the numbers. Located right in the centre of the city, this suburb is the most accessible part of the city with almost all the transportation services passing through this point countless times a day.

Initially, it was called ‘Katoor’ after which it was renamed after Mahatma Gandhi. This vicinity also boasts of the city’s first known flyovers connecting the integral roads of Gandhipuram thus taking the traffic to a down zero.

The suburban now features two more prominent flyovers intercrossing at the central hub reducing the traffic during the peak hours to a whole new level. Gandhipuram also has to its pride of featuring the citys’ first well-known 100 feet road that’s as wide as it gets but now being crunched down due to unauthorized parking and encroachment at parts.

In the city corporation’s strong hands, Gandhipuram is breathtakingly alive and vivid thanks to the cheerful ambiance and never sleeping commercial buildings. But the darker end prevails with the existence of the central jail that takes away a huge chunk of the beautiful landscapes near the ever-charming VOC park. Not a downside to the otherwise beautiful suburban but does blow off the awesome quotient in this region.

Hotels in Gandhipuram

Gandhipuram is loaded to its brim when we drag hospitality into the equation. Every street you take, you are taken aback by the never-ending list of hotels and small-time restaurants with a wide grin on its face. It also hosts some of the oldest hotels in the city, we can’t complain as the Gandhipuram’s central bus terminal easily makes up the reason for finding infinite numbers of hotels blooming in the neighborhood.

The price ranges have more to offer to the table. The price starts from as low as ₹500 for a night to clocking a whopping ₹5000 for a night varying based on the vicinity and ambiance that truly justifies its price. One can find budget stays with a stroll around the bus terminal streets with hotels crushing each other so close that they remind us about the hostel rooms being adjacent to each other.

Not so far away from the bustling, you can find the quintessential style of hotels relying heavily on the luxury factor with well-crafted interiors that adds up to the overall aesthetic perfection. Hotels like Park Elanza have been newly added to the list that surely leaves everyone stunned with its larger-than-life outlook treatment that carries up all way to the stunning rooftop resto-bar.

We do have a dedicated blog cooking right up to unravel the best hotels in Coimbatore, keep watching this space for more updates on that. Meanwhile check out the best hotels in Coimbatore.

Gandhipuram Bus Stand

Despite all these man-made beauties and concrete touchstones, what makes Gandhipuram ‘Gandhipuram’ is undeniably the addition of a city bus terminal. Buses connecting other states like Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh can be found in abundance here and there are also tonnes of other buses taking us to the mystic lands of Erode, Chennai, and more.

This marks to be one of the biggest and most important bus terminal points after Singanallur and Ukkadam. It stormed the scenes in 1974 when the main bus terminal was built in the heart of Gandhipuram. The buses cover a wide route that tangles important districts like Salem, Erode, Dharmapuri, Hosur, Namakkal, Gobichettipalayam, Sathyamangalam, Mettupalayam, Tirupur, Dharapuram, and Karur, among others.

Flyovers in Gandhipuram

Remember the iconic overhead pavement that connected the bus terminals in Gandhipuram? It was a rather heart-wrenching goodbye when it was taken down to pave way for the new tier 1 flyover that starts at the nose of VOC park and ends at the roads leading to Ganapathy thus stretching a decent 2.5 km taking loads off the heavy traffic.

The tier 2 flyover starts at the foot of Karpagam multiplex and ends right at the Avarampalayam signa covering a decent 2 km stretch. This road was infamous for its hours of waiting time thanks to the bustling traffic round the clock, Now that issue seems to have been sorted out to a larger extent.

There have also been talks about building a ramp towards the Bharathiar road from the Tier 1 flyover.

Companies near Gandhipuram

Though there seems to be lesser room on the cards for a possible IT park to enter the chat, there seems to be no shortage for the existence of industrial companies and small-time IT companies from the center of the city.

Gandhipuram is one of the digital hubs of Coimbatore with a never-ending list of mobile service centers and software companies making this their homelands. The sub-brand is hungry to explore the city’s software capabilities and fortune.

These value-added propositions pile up to the conclusion that the suburban has been examining its attributes and has been rightfully reinventing and modifying itself to transform from the 90’s pop culture to a much more purposeful and toned down 2023 as a tech giant as well as a functional hot spot for the city.