11 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

You shouldn’t just concentrate on the outer appearance of proper sneakers but also look towards its material, only, internal liner, and completing as such marks great significance regarding formal sneakers.

11 Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

Things to expect from a distinct formal shoe manufacturer or a pair of proper shoes based on how much you are prepared to spend. When it comes to cost, do not be frightened of placing down a couple of added bucks if you are able. That does not mean that you need to spend out your finances, but paying more for quality means you will have a pair of shoes you can use for years, not months.


Bridlen was launched after two veteran shoemakers Mr. Hasan and Mr. Watanabe decided to begin a new in Japan for shoe connoisseurs. The Brand will wed Mr. Watanabe’s Japanese ethos of superior craftsmanship with Mr.

There are not lots of brands out that encircle the feeling of comfort or luxury, rather like Bridlen does. Bridlen Shoe is one of the best formal shoe in India you can wear on a formal dress like an office, Meeting, etc. There are far more fashion-forward brands in which you’ll discover some glistening dress shoes. However, for the upper-middle-class, you will find alternatives.

Escaro Royalé

Escaro RoyalÉ Man Escaro Royalé symbolizes the complex guy who does not apologize for what he is. He’s strong, charismatic, exceptionally loyal, and convinced; also contains profound admiration for finer things in life. His appeal leaves other guys in amazement, and girls craving for his undivided attention.

Escaro Royalé is still recognized around the nation because of its timeless aesthetic and represents the apex of high-quality factory-made Blake stitched and Goodyear Welted apparel shoes.


Mochi Awesome range of Casual, Formal & Sports shoes for you to pick from. Mochi is a leading Indian apparel manufacturer-new. … Since its inception in Bangalore in 2002, Mochi today has numerous shops in several cities across India and presents a mean of 100 new styles every week throughout the country. Mochi, the shoe shop, currently has 52 outlets across 31 cities.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is the 31st hottest business in the clothes & apparel group, reporting which fans describe the sneakers as”dependable, functional, good quality, useful, and nicely designed.” Tests on Amazon are always high, with reviews saying that customer support was outstanding and Hush Puppies were good quality, classically designed formal shoes.

Red Tape

The brand has now become synonymous with hi-tech –lifestyle & fashion, due to its unmatched quality, skilled craftsmanship, and fashionable products. … It’s a solid presence in the UK in which it’s sold throughout the top-chain shops and multi-brand outlets.


Clark nearly 200 years back when Cyrus and James Clark created a slipper from sheepskin off-cuts. In the time it had been ground-breaking; a blend of craftsmanship and invention that has remained in the heart of what we do. And now, as always, each pair of our shoes starts with a final carved by hand from a single block of hornbeam, innovative construction methods, technologies, and modern materials help us produce perfection for the contemporary world. Clark is one of the best formal shoes for men. The shoes are described as”the traditional American brushed-suede shoes using the lightweight crepe only”.

Alberto Torresi

It premiered in 2010 by Agra based company Virola sneakers Pvt ltd… Alberto Torresi utilizes a high-grade leather brand for making shoes and the employees give more care to the fitting of their toes into the sole. Ishaan Sachdeva (MD) shared his ideas about how the guy’s foot-wear market is going to change in future days.

Whether you are standing daily or suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis — we have attempted a number of their sneakers and can attest to their all-day comfort! Combining impeccable design with traditional craftsmanship, this new is surely worth your attention.


Woodland has been born in India in 1992. That is perfect! Following the separation of the USSR into separate nations, Aero Club that’s the parent. Woodland, an extremely sought after brand for a lot of millennials, has Indian origins. At the moment, the business manufactured winter boots for both Canada and Russia.


Bata Corporation is a Swiss-domiciled multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer, based in the town of Zlín, today from the Czech Republic. Following World War II, its factories in socialist nations were nationalized, although its branches from capitalist states remained family-owned.

Swiss footwear maker Bata has a long history in India. It checked into India in the 1930s itself. … Hence the Bata shoe company establish a mill in Konnagar, near Calcutta, in 1931. It began producing rubber and canvas sneakers for the first time in India. Afterward, the factory was transferred to Batanagar near Kolkata.


SeeandWear is one of the major manufacturers and Exporter in India that caters to the fashion needs of women and men across accessories and footwear. We are emerging as a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality solutions. … On-time shipping of merchandise. Quick resolution of any issues.

Sometimes men’s dress shoes for below a certain dinero appears to be too good to be true and sadly, it’s often true. However, SeeandWear is an exception to this rule. We are very fond of the tag as they offer decent quality and fair prices.

The Royale Peacock

After covering the most affordable alternative, let us jump on to the other side of this situation. If you throw on a nice suit and pairs it with inexpensive, clunky lace-ups, you’re not what we’d call a detail man. Some events demand footwear that is as refined as it’s timeless.

Fortunately, there are options (Very Few) for Quality apparel shoes. The Royale Peacock is one of few Indian Formal Shoes Brands which make Goodyear Welted apparel shoes. And that is what I want to stress, the organization is dedicated to supplying high-quality apparel to gentlemen like you