Everything You Need To Know About Siruvani Hills and Forest

A wilderness experience on the outskirts of Coimbatore which shares its border with Kerala. Siruvani forest is also a part of the Nilgiri Ghats that happily boasts of Paradise looking Ooty and other places on the extreme end. Siruvani is no less than an amusement itself, with the exception being the dense forest that’s so dense the entry is prohibited at some parts. So I have curated this blog so you can get to know everything about Siruvani hills, forest and river in 2020 before you hit the destination.

How can you reach Siruvani?

Siruvani hills is 35kms from Coimbatore centre, 33kms from railway station and 45kms from the city’s flight terminal. So it’s going to roughly take you 30 to 90 minutes to reach this surreal paradise no matter where you are in the city.

The traffic disappears once you zoom past the city limits.

There are two ways for you to choose from.

One is the most commonly used Perur main road connecting Thondamuthur, a good clean route, with decent amount of traffic and a host of shops, restaurants, resorts on the go. Count this road for some last hour shopping to make your staycation even more blissful and fully loaded. The road is equally aesthetic with a green layer as much as you would see the concrete buildings, there is also the Karunya garden on your left and a few photographic spots on the go. Overall a decent experience that you would never fail to cherish if car pooling with the right vibe and people.

In the mood for escaping into the rural bounds of Coimbatore? Then wander into the less explored route to Siruvani forest at Vadavalli to Isha route, from where you have the option of either connecting to Thondamuthur main road or progressing on your road of the lesser concrete world. Both these roads are parallel to each other with a difference that doesn’t exceed 2kms on paper, but in reality they are worlds apart, as this route is a complete powerhouse of temples, villages and Tall coconut trees on both ends. You also get to see the impeccable Adiyogi statue, an imperial part of the Isha community. So from Isha you will get connected to Siruvani via the main road in less than 4 miles.

Bottom-line, if you can afford an extra of 3 or 4 miles to your overall trip and got no shopping left, try the latter route to see the nature element.

Siruvani Forests

A well sprung forest across the Nilgiri Ghats, with tropical trees adorning the ambiance, birds chirping heard regularly and a camera and it also houses the second tastiest water in the world, Siruvani or Kovai kutralam as we fondly call it. It was circa 1929 when the Siruvani started to serve people of Coimbatore its unreal tasty water through 110 water taps set in the city.

You can always stay a day or two here to enjoy the unparalleled quality of nature here. Troubled with finding the best resorts in Siruvani? Do check out our 8 best resorts in Siruvani

People were mesmerized by the chiselling taste, a first of its kind. The Kovai people were both emotional and overwhelmed as the project took a long 40 years to see the light of the day, but it was worth every second as the taste of water still stands the time and proves the world of its sheer quality and taste.

The forest cover used to be a hidden paradise for trekkers and adventure lovers alike decades back when wild animals were common and even the tone of the forest being tantalizing lush green that makes you skip your heartbeat.

Fast forward to 2023, a lot of the parts came under the reserve forest conditions with entry being strictly prohibited and an offence but maybe with aid of a local guide, you can still explore the scenic beauty of Siruvani forests and hills that doesn’t land on you on the conviction list of trespassing.

Or you always have the ever charming Siruvani waterfalls to forget your summer blues, grab your camera and head out for a good time, and if you ever wanted to know more about Siruvani waterfalls check out our piece of some exploring we did to plan your day out.