8 Things that are famous in Coimbatore

Coimbatore with its breezy climate has always managed to sweep urban city people off its feet. Even people from tier 1 cities or other places nearby have always had an undying love for the Kongu city.

A part of the Kongu region, Coimbatore is the only city that has graced the skin of an ultra modern infrastructure with traces of its root sticking to its solid traditional grounds. I have curated a list of things that are famous in Coimbatore that might get your attention from the word go.

1.Kari Motor speedways

After Irungattukottai race track in Chennai, Coimbatore has the second dedicated motor speedway for Formula 3 circuit racing in Coimbatore. Came to spotlight in 2003 by former racer B. Vijay Kumar, the place was prior used for aviation launching till 2002. The circuit is 2.1 kilometers long with dedicated pit stops.

Kari Motorways is a popular hub for hosting racing events, race workshops and any other events that deals with the spirit of motorcycling. The race track is tucked away at Chettipalayam, which should cost you approximately 25 minutes drive from the city center.

2.Sarees & Cotton

The untimely downfall of the cotton empire in Mumbai circa 19th century paved the way for transforming Coimbatore into the now famous Manchester of South India name tag. Cotton industries kicked for a flying start ever since they bid adieu to the Mumbai days.

The textile units here are specialized in spinning, weaving and not to forget the kora silk sarees that are an indigineous tribe of sarees to Coimbatore.


Educational institutions are one thing that all the local city people must seriously be proud of. There are loads of engineering, arts and other special science colleges in Coimbatore. As always its not about the colleges but the students themselves that bring the wow factor to the colleges. The quality of decorum has never gone for a toss ever.

The students are well educated, equipped with adequate knowledge to handle the IT and other industries. It’s also no surprise that students from neighboring places like Tirupur, Kerala, Ooty, Erode, Pollachi have always shown keen interest in joining colleges here over any other options.

4.Siruvani Water

The second tastiest water in the world, just falling short of the legendary Nile. Do we seriously need an introduction to validate the exceptional taste of the siruvani water? Started serving the homes of Coimbatore in mid 1929, Siruvani has always delivered with nothing but the best we have ever known.

Studies carried out in the dense forest of Siruvani claims that the taste of the water is highly attributed to the indigenous rocks and herbal plants through which the water flows down. Surprisingly the water quality and unparalleled taste has never seen a dark turn ever and we are definitely blessed for that.

5.Food culture

The food culture of Coimbatore has always been the fresh sense of freedom from routine food chains. There are loads of local food cuisines as well as fusion food items from the international kitchens. Hotels like Annapoorna, Aanandhas have been carved into the history of serving Coimbatore with blissful foods with beautiful memories for decades.

There are new food streets set up in the ever bustling Saravanampatti region and new popular food joints making it to the party just on time. If you want to taste some of the best Sambar Idli head right to the Annapoorna to taste the finger licking good Idly that hasn’t changed the way it tasted since decades.

6.IT companies

Just behind Chennai, Coimbatore is slowly turning out to be the emerging IT hub for Tamil nadu, as the floating population has already been a pain point in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. With companies looking for an alternative place to set up their offices, Coimbatore was their obvious choice.

Thanks to the urban infrastructure and unrivaled quality of the engineering colleges here, all it actually took was just a nudge for the bigger giants to set their foot here. With Chil Sez campus looking to extend their buildings, keep a watchful eye for popular IT companies to storm the party really soon.

7.Gateway to western Ghats

Ever heard Coimbatore people saying how they want to go to Ooty to taste that heavenly coffee amidst the melodic breeze from the natural skin of Western Ghats? Well they weren’t daydreaming or bluffing. It has become a ritual for the people here to often take it to the hills of Ooty to detox from the stress in the city life.

Ooty is around 90kms from the city center that would approximately take you around 3 hours if you step on the gas on the completely renovated mettupalayam road. The foothills of western ghats have paved for a list of various other places surrounding Coimbatore like the hills connecting Anaikatty and much more. The western Ghat is never ending and so is our love for Coimbatore.

8.Pump City

One of the many other popular names of Coimbatore is the ‘Pump City’ as this accounts for more than 50% of the total motors and other parts supplied to the country. Just like the cottons, Pumps are also exported across the globe for their nominal price, solid build quality and a rich heritage they come from.

Undoubtedly Coimbatore is the fastest growing tier II city of Tamil Nadu with more people coming down here looking to settle down or to have a solid career. An with years to come, we are pretty sure that Coimbatore will eventually join the bigger league in no time. What’s your favourite thing about Coimbatore? Let us know