Everything you need to know about Black Thunder

Picture this, the scorching  sun is haunting the streets of Coimbatore, but you are miles away or even worlds away at the blissful end of Western Ghats. Sounds surreal? Now add water games to the already heavenly combo, Now how does that sound for a weekend? If you are bewildered what we are talking about, Black thunder is all you should know now. Let’s take a quick tour into everything you should know about Black Thunder.

Black Thunder Location

Black thunder first stormed the beautiful roads of Ooty main road during the mid 1993 by the owner’s Louis Adaikalraj, Francis Adaikalaraj and Vincet Adaikalaraj claiming it to be Asia’s no 1 Theme park. Well we highly doubt the slogan but what we don’t dismiss is the simple fact that Black Thunder is indeed one of the finest water parks for both Coimbatore and Ooty alike.

It is sprung across 75 acres of area near the foothills of Western Ghats. Black thunder was the pioneer in constructing what a water theme park should ideally look like. What it offered was later set as a blueprint for other water theme parks in Coimbatore like Kovai Kondattam and Maharaja theme park.

There are tonnes of water games, land games at offer here, each one standing tall on their own amusement factor. The giant wheel is not the biggest on the paper but yet offers an exquisite view of the backdrop painting the foot hills and lush green layers behind the huge properties.

There is also a canteen that offers a good range of foods and snacks just in case to boost the adrenaline rush during the break hours. The snack counter offers chat items and other soft drinks with just enough dose to spice up the perfect weekend.

There is a common washroom as well as dedicated lockers for changing clothes and to take a break during a tiring day.

For those who have an undying love for dry games, the list is just enough the right size to entertain you for the evening. There is this ever popular Columbus and always busy dashing car to add to other dry games at the premises. Water games eat a major chunk of 75 acres property. With the lazy river taking a major portion of the park, taking us on a soothing tour of the iconic park in the nicest and breeziest way possible.

The lazy river ride takes somewhere close to 30 minutes to complete its rotation, offering a complete view of the park up close and personal and also joins our list of the favorite water rides in the park just because it super fun, soothing, doesn’t kick the sudden spike of adrenaline factor and most importantly the lazy quotient is just not the one you should ignore for a perfect long weekend.

The water standard is of excellent quality, with motors purifying the waters at regular intervals and frequent change of waters every day with suction pumps sucking out excess impure water out from the park and using it for alternative purposes like the washrooms and other property cleaning purposes.

The overall food quality is also at par with the overwhelming quality quotient of the total premises, not once did it disappoint us. The taste is unparalleled, but what’s giving us a major heartbreak is obviously the price factor.

Special ride in Black thunder

There are offbeat rides that are subjected to open only during occasional times. Like the hot balloon that largely depends on the climatic conditions to ensure the complete safety of the passengers. There are also other fun activities like bungee jumping, zorbing that was added off lately, bird park, aquarium, lake boat ride, 5D theatre, haunted house, video game hub and finally a watch tower to catch a glimpse of the animals nearby.

Banquet and rooms in Black thunder

There is also a huge water theme park in Black thunder theme park, that can host up to an impressive 2000 guests at once. The open lawn acts as a perfect retreat for corporate meetings or a casual family outing or events.

There are also rooms available inside the theme park just in case if you wish to stay overnight for a 2 days fun trip or just to bunker for a soothing night sleep. There are deluxe and suite rooms that are carefully crafted to carry the holidaying spirit all over the place.

Black thunder has always been a fresh wave of freedom and amusement since decades for Coimbatore and Ooty people and also for anyone coming down to Coimbatore. Well with years to come, we are pretty sure you can expect better things arousing at the park soon.