All you need to know about Prozone Mall

Seems like Coimbatore can’t get enough of shopping malls if the latest trends are anything to go by. Prozone mall is the latest to join the bandwagon of shopping malls in Coimbatore. But it’s a cue cut out from the traditional blueprint of what a shopping mall is supposed to be, yet elegant and was quick enough to grab a place in the hearts of city peeps.

Everything you need to know about Prozone mall has been curated below, some of the things you must have already known, the others might blow you off.

Prozone mall location

What rings a bell to us personally when we run into the word ‘Prozone’ is obviously the laid back shopping experience it offers, especially after a tight squeeze into the overwhelming crowd during the festive seasons like this at brookfields.

Prozone does see its fair share of crowd flocking the stores during festive seasons especially the mobile showrooms at the ground level, the clothing outlets and how on earth can we exclude the food court. The food court is huge, with neatly laid out tables and bar stools with flower parts adorning the side way. It’s airy, pleasant and absolutely breathtaking.

The mall is nuzzled on the ever busy and currently the most sought after place in Coimbatore, Saravanampatti.

Food court in Prozone mall

There are all major food outlets here, with café coffee day tucked right next to the food arena separately with a state of art balcony designed to bring out a cozy vibe, that further enhances a breezy vibe during the evening especially with the blissful climate of Coimbatore. A must try out if you are a hardcore coffee lover that totally digs a surreally beautiful looking ambiance.

There are other biggies doing rounds here like the Mcdonald, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, and much more. Taco Bell has a designated space for their guests, with a streak of wooden interiors layered with some peppy jazz music to elevate their experience.

Stores in Prozone Mall

Prozone is loaded to its brim with amazing line ups of top branded clothing line ups storming the ground and the first level. There is the westside on one end bringing us the best of the western world of modern fashion culture and H & M at the other end exposing the fashionistas to the offbeat dressing culture they are popularly known for in the west. There are other notable big names in the clothing line ups here, offering you a diverse range of shopping experience.

On a downside the options are less when pitted against Brooksfields which brings the whole fashion world to the streets of Coimbatore. Learn more about Brookfields and what not to miss there.

Parking & Leisure area

Parking and leisure area is another game where the Prozona has outplayed its competitors with a simple huge open parking lot and an indoor one just under the ground floor. The parking experience is scruffle free, with dedicated open lot parking space for bikes and cars alike. The parking fee is double of what you pay at Brooks but lesser than the Fun mall tariff.

There are not just 1 but 2 leisure waiting lounges for people, one at both entrances. The lounge near the parking exit has the popular ‘ I Love Prozone’ hoardings, that seems to be the selfie point for all the photo lovers flocking Prozone mall.

On the whole a great nonchalant shopping experience for people who want to take a break from the hassle inside and catch a breath of fresh air outside the mall.

Inox Multiplex

The movie buffs were hit with an overwhelming surprise that the Inox range of cinema hall was going to see the light of day pretty soon in 2018 way before they expected. And they had every reason to be excited and flabbergasted about this movie hall.

For starters Inox has huge 9 screens well equipped with beautifully sounding Dolby atmos that elevates even the slightest details in a movie, a huge lobby with comfy couches and captain seats that gets a red and white overall treatment to add to the style quotient.

The ticket is upfront with a 3 ticket counter that can ease off the pain from standing in long never ending queues, or even better get your tickets directly from Bookmyshow.

You can also book your own tickets and make payments from the 4 ticket booking screens set up right opposite the cash counter with a simple user interface. You can get a clear walk through with the list of movies playing, their show timings and availability of seats etc. Indeed a good initiative for a better customer experience.

The snack counter is decently equipped with almost everything served here that you find with Brookfields. The pricing is definitely not going to put a smile on your face but considering the quality, maybe a bit of popcorn can indeed go well with a great movie. And not to forget the selfie wall here or the wall of fame as most people like calling it, that has posters of all top actors both regionally and internationally as well. A good job indeed, Inox.

There are few speculations that more big names have been toggled up in the talks of welcoming their range of new malls in Coimbatore near Trichy road and some other undisclosed places. Well, we can’t wait to find what’s in the store for us. Stay tuned for more exciting news.