Attapadi to Ooty: How to reach, travel distance, tourist places, and more

Ooty has been the saving graces for the people of Coimbatore for decades by now. But one thing that obviously was a huge turn-off, at least personally, was the undying dislike towards the bustling roads till the foothills of Ooty. Though the situation is now dampened thanks to the new flyover, a quest for a much more adventurous road took us to the Attapadi Mountains. So take quick notes as we unfold the Attapadi to Ooty, travel distance, route and tourist places in this blog just in case if you are planning for a quick ride.

Attapadi to Ooty

Technically you don’t have to go to Attapadi to steer to Ooty if you are travelling from Coimbatore. You can take up the intersection road from Anaikatti to your right. But if you are someone who has taken a cue from the traveler’s book and is destined in exploring Kerala’s finest hill station that’s near to us, then we highly recommend that you try out the blistering beauty of Attapadi first before you venture into Ooty.

Take a look at the best places to explore in Attapadi to vent out your stress in a nature’s paradise.

Attapadi to Ooty Bus Timings

There are currently no direct buses from Attapadi to Ooty. However you can board buses from Mannarkkad to Anaikatti from where you can go to Ooty on your own vehicle or rented vehicles.

There are many buses plying regularly from Mannarkkad to Anaikatti. Take a look at the KSRTC bus timings to pin down on your ride for more accurate planning.

However if you are more intended to reach Ooty via bus from Attapadi, you can board buses to Mettupalayam that takes travels via Anaikatti, Thadagam, Thudiyalur and Mettupalayam. From where you can board any one of a sea of buses taking the uphill route to the queen of Ooty. Or for the travel and vintage lovers in you, why not try the popular and in-demand Ooty train from Mettupalayam? We are very affirmative that it will carve a special place down in your memory lane.

Attapadi to Ooty Travel distance 

Ooty is nuzzled at 93kms from the center of Attapadi via Mulli roads. This is calculated if you are travelling on your own ride via Anaikatti route. But if you are sticking around with the traditional bus ride to Mettupalayam and Ooty, it would cost you somewhere around 110kms to top it off. The reality comes in when you have to switch 2 buses to reach Ooty.

How to reach Attapadi to Ooty?

Now comes the million dollar question. How to reach Queen of Hills? Attapadi to Ooty drive is never short on the blissful factor as both the hill stations are known for their surreal enigmatic beauty gracing on the Western Ghats where the word ‘ordinary’ doesn’t pop up in any random conversation or interaction.

But the surprise addition here seems to be the Mulli, an offbeat road trip that’s sure adventurous and thrilling at the same time testing our love for the deserted roads. The road uphill is void of any buses, cars or bikes. Sighting of cars is as rare as UFOs flying over you considering you are not featuring in any American sci-fi movies.

You get to cross two state’s forest check post. First you get past the Kerala’s Mulli division of the checkpoint, where they check everything from your bags to your car. You need to drop every detail on your register before you step on the gas again.

Shortly after your excitement of clearing Kerala’s barrier, you will be rightly stopped by the Karamadai’s forest division doing their fair share of checking and instructions. Just when you feel done with the formalities and tiring journey, your heavenly ride uphill starts.

Don’t ever forget to take your camera with you in your wildest nightmare as this route is a paradise for any nature or photography lovers. Every foot you ride past is a window of opportunity to click some awesome panoramic shots of the unrivalled locations.

Just when you think you are done with the checking formalities, you will be again stopped abruptly at the Mulli dam checkpoint where one final inspection plays a spoil sport on your letting your hair down.

But only this time you get to look at the artistic dam painting the backdrop of the checkpoint making your tiring checkpost experience a notch wonderful in our meter.

A sigh of relief heaves the atmosphere once you finally get the green flag from the officials, a road trip of a lifetime awaits you. Definitely not for the weak hearted as there are frequent sightings of wild tuskers and wild animals conquering the abandoned roads. Be advised, never ever walk into the woods, though tantalizing, making you fall in a spell to walk near them, the reality can often be devastating.

Your route will look something like this

Attapadi- Anaikatti- Velliangadu- Mulli foot hills- Mulli- Geddai- Kil Kundah- Manjur, Muthorai- Ooty.

Manjur will be your major pitstop offering you a chance to indulge into the coffee and tea plantations. It also flashes you a mini Ooty vibe minus the flock of tourists blocking the nature’s vibe.

An unparalleled experience awaits you, Attapadi to Ooty is a must-try experience for all the travel and nature lovers out there in the city. Keep glued with us for more interesting and less traveled routes near Coimbatore.