Things to Do In Saravanampatti in 2023

Saravanampatti has always managed to put a big smile on anyone’s face by making their day better. In Fact it happens to be one of the most happening places in Coimbatore and literally the go-to destination for a pretty chilled evening with your friends over a coffee. Saravanampatti is the most accessible place as of now yet distances itself from the bustling traffic and other sorts of things that can weigh you down. You are now going to read a list of things to do in Saravanampatti for a casual evening to make your day better.

1.Prozone Mall

Prozone mall is located right in the heart of Saravanampatti and is now a highly bankable mall in the city right next to Brookfields thanks to the diversity of the people and a fleet of overseas brands and other shopping centers storming the scenes.

The mall started way back in 2023 in a mega glittering event unveiled to the people of Coimbatore or more predominantly welcomed Saravanampatti and its people with a warm smile. Prozone mall was indeed a game changer for Saravanampatti where people used to travel around 10kms to reach the nearest mall which is at RS Puram and Peelamedu.

Things certainly took a radical turn with the intervention of this mall. But however things weren’t too welcoming to start with. For starters, the mall’s simple yet 1-storey quirky design did take a lot of time to get used to as we were more accustomed to the 5 level storey buildings that fascinated us.

After a few months and a few tryouts, the simple design grew on us simply for the fact that there was ample amount of space and shopping zones. There is reliance digital for all sorts of gadgets shopping.

We also got H&M offering a world class fashion wear to the streets of Saravanampatti, they also gave away a lot of offers during the season’s time. There are other impressive shops that check off all your items ranging from A to Z in your wishlist.

2.Inox Cinemas

Who doesn’t love watching a great movie on a weekend? This gets even better if you get to watch that movie at Inox, one of India’s leading theater and entertainment firms. Inox joined pretty late to the party exactly after a year since the Prozone mall graced the Saravanampatti.

But being late to the party doesn’t take away the charm as the theater is almost flooded with people round the year as Inox offers an unrivalled cinematic experience coupled with a tantalizing ambience that goes pretty well with a light hearted mood.

There are close to 8 movie screens here and each one being technically excellent to screen your favourite movie with an exquisite quality and sound clarity. Inox is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Saravanampatti simply for its entertainment value.

3.Food street

Saravanampatti has literally gone a step ahead of all other places in Coimbatore when we try to bring food into the equation as this place has got a flamboyant kitchen in every corner of the street. And just not a hotel, this is about the never ending list of variety Saravanampatti has to offer to your plate. Be it Chinese or a simple kerala themed restaurant, this place has got everything set in the right place.

For starters, Saravanampatti was the first in the list to unveil Grand Food street 2 years back in the main street. The 2 way street has around 10+ restaurant and small time food outlets operating till midnight to deliver some of the best exotic dishes in Coimbatore.

So suppose if you are in Saravanampatti looking for some interesting things to do, you can always check out their impressive lineup of restaurants here. Saravanampatti also has the city’s third largest food court in the prozone mall that sees the likes of biggies like Burger King, KFC, McDonald, Annapoorna and more.

Thanks to the floating population and IT companies, the foods are also competitively priced and also offer a range of fusion foods and American styled foods to your table.

4.Rathnagiri Murugan Temple

So before winding up your happy go lucky day in Saravanampatti, check out the auspicious Ratnagiri Murugan Temple, at Karattumedu. The temple is nuzzled at a small hill that’s under a 20 minutes drive from the heart of Saravanampatti.

This is one of the biggest and most sought after temples in Saravanampatti, thanks to its divine beauty and undiluted tranquility with a clear sense of aura around it.

Saravanampatti never disappoints you if you are planning for a complete day out in this beautiful place, be it the people, colleges, restaurants and malls, they always manage to bring a shine to your day and stay clear of all other places.