Current UPSC magazine, IAS magazine for UPSC is importance topics have now become important for any of the competitive exams so all the students are required to cover and complete the topics of current affairs and not waste much more time on coion as monthly current affairs,

Important Monthly Magazine

The E-Magazine is important for being updated with the current aspects of the National and International Importance. The two Major monthly magazines which are important for IAS Exam are 1. Yojna Magazine and 2. Kurukshetra Magazine. And along with these two magazines, you should also follow the India Today Year Book which covers the national importance topics.


If any students want to prepare for other exams along with IAS, then students may also follow the Pratiyogita Darpan Monthly Magazine Series. This magazine also covers the current affairs of the months.

Benefits of Reading Monthly Magazine

  • Being in touch with important national and international current affairs.
  • To get the complete current affairs topics in one SIngle book which makes the revision of the topics easy.
  • Saving a lot of time in months because it is time-consuming to read various newspapers and pick out the important topics. In the magazine, you will get all the important topics in one place.
  • Know the background of the topics in less time and the concluded result of the events.

Important Daily Newspaper

For being updated with the daily newspaper you may follow the two major Newspapers “The Hindu” and “Indian Express “. These two newspaper is equally important you may follow only one for the sake of the time.

The time you should invest in Daily newspaper reading

You do not invest more than 20 Min for reading the Daily Newspaper and in the newspaper, you should focus on the Editorial part which will cover the important aspect of the current time.

Alternatively/Along With you may also follow the Editorial analysis video/article.

Benefits of Reading Daily Newspaper

It is important to cover the Daily Current affairs topics daily by giving a little portion of your time and reduce the headache of covering daily news of national and international importance.

Online Source for reading current affairs topics:

The source which I am mentioning here is important for the current time. So you also check is it is still important for you to cover the topics from this source. Generally, these sources will be helpful to you also for covering the current affairs topics but you also have to cross-check before using it for quality purposes. I am suggesting you some of the important topics which may be helpful to you for covering your current affairs topics.

  • Vision IAS
  • Insights


For covering the current affairs of national and international importance you may follow all the mentioned source or you may follow the anyone source it fully depends on you, But it’s suggestible that you should keep in mind and Eye on all of these sources if you find any important topics in these sources you cover it from these sources. And if the topics which you cover from one source and the same topics come in the next source you not waste time reading the same content again and again.

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