Best Historic Places in Coimbatore

Let’s all admit it, Coimbatore has always been that cool person who gets younger with every single day passing by. Like, almost anyone thinks the same when the word Coimbatore rings the bell. The people, sprouting infrastructure, nightlife backs up or even justifies the new kid in town tagline

But Coimbatore is old, so old that we hardly recognize that there is a backstory for every modern space we stand on. I have curated a list of the best historic places in Coimbatore that you should never miss.

History of Coimbatore

The region consisted of many places, formerly known as Kongunadu which was eventually split into 2 or more districts. The place was originally ruled by chera and kongu kingdoms, a part of which is visible in the places in Coimbatore that stands as a solid evidence for their influence and presence here.

The list will consist of historic places in Coimbatore that dates back to centuries as well modern places that tell us about the rich ancient history of Coimbatore as well. Nevertheless the archaeologist inside is up for a good time ahead.


Marudhamalai is not just one of the oldest temples of Coimbatore but also one of the most popular shrines all over Tamil Nadu. It’s indeed a regular sight to see jaw-dropping number of devotees all over the state coming here for special festive times like the ever popular Thai-Poosam.

So what makes Marudhamalai special apart from being the spiritual start that it already is? The rich history. Marudhamalai dates back to the 12th century solely built to facilitate Lord Murugan by Tamil Kings.

It was only after a prominent director spent a hefty bucks to the welfare of the temple did it receive a good quality road uphill making a hassle free and more convenient way to catch a glimpse of the idol.

The Temple is located on the Vadavalli road to Marudhamalai neatly tucked at the foothills where western ghat descends. It is considered as the seventh house of Lord Murugan and is one of the most celebrated of the lot as well. The history is quite evident with the architecture of the temple but guess what things have changed and changed for good.

Though the temple dates back to the 12th century, no parts of it gives away the age factor. Maybe the stairs made of rocks and stones might give away a little but anything but the stairs say a different story.

Marudhamalai is easily one of the neat and upkeep temples in Coimbatore with authorities making it a point to keep the premises crystal clear.

If you are on the lookout for some ancient traces, head to the Pambatti Siddhar cave where it’s quite evident with the cave and places surrounding it.

Read more about Pambatti siddhar cave and its interesting history.


Marudhamalai rd



GASS museum

What rings a bell when you hear someone say RS Puram? Beautiful roads with luxury retail shops at both ends? People taking a leisure walk in the evening? Well may be yeah but what if I say the museum is something that is missing from the list?

Yes you read that right, GASS museum is one of the most underrated tourist places in Coimbatore with many people having slightest to zero idea about a place like this even existing in the city.

Part of it has to be the reason from the officials end for not promoting tourism here the way it deserves to be.

The museum is over centuries old and was built as a vision of J.A.Gamble. During the years 1942-47 the museum was shut down for public views and was converted as a shelter to accommodate injured soldiers returning from wars in Greece.

It was only after the independence of India in 1947, the museum was reopened but this time under the administration of the Government of India.

It all started with J.A.Gamble, the conservator of forests for Madras Presidency initiated a proposal for a museum under his province which was later made possible in 1902. It was only after the active involvement of Horace Arichibald Gass, the successor of J.A.Gamble, the museum was open to full public view on 15th Of April 1902.

Check out the museum on your next trip to Coimbatore as they have renovated a lot and also added a 3D wildlife diorama since 2015.





Arulmigu Patteeswarar Swamy Temple

Arguably one of the oldest temples in Tamil Nadu, Patteeswarar temple in Perur was built in the 2nd Century by the mighty Karikala Chola kings as a shrine dedicated to the deity Lord Shiva.

The temple is built near the banks of Noyyal river and was hugely patronized by popular poets like Arunagirinathar and Kachiapa Munivar.

Unlike Marudhamalai, Patteeswarar temple has the term ancient written all over it making it one of the oldest historic places in Coimbatore. Right from the stone carvings, to the almighty effigy, this temple stands as a timeless classic representation of the divine literature Kongu region was known for and the rich history of tamil rulers.

The mighty pillars depict the architectural beauty of tamil sculptors as well as how they beautifully designed the temples back then as well. T

The temple went under major renovations ever since the 13th century by different hindu rulers who have even constructed the Kanaga Sabhai in the 17th century.

Don’t forget to check out the historic culture of Kongu region and old tamil rulers here next time.





GEEDEE Car Museum

Remember the iconic character Tony Stark from Iron man? Yes a rich philanthropist with a penchant for a revolution in technology, well Coimbatore has its own successful industrialist and philanthropists sir G.D. Naidu.

A visionary man who wished to bring many young aspirants into the automobile ever since his visit to the manufacturing plant of Rolls Royce in the United kingdom. He was heavily inspired by the unparalleled craftsmanship involved there which pushed in adapting an educational stimulation which is on par with the international automobile standards.

G.D. Naidu car museum is a heaven indeed for petrolheads and hardcore automobile designing enthuastics. The places holds a huge collection of vintage cars and their rich history associated with them, and a fleet of luxury cars and vans that belonged centuries back.

His main vision was to bring innovative ideas to the table and inspire as many young aspirants as possible to revolutionize the India automobile market.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday on 9.00am to 5.00pm


race course



These are some of the historic places that add up to the overall value of Coimbatore, making it compete with larger cities with its rich history and ancient excellence that’s unrivalled till now.