Coimbatore Celebrates Its 216th Coimbatore day ahead of the Vizha

A day indeed to cherish the sweet memories, blood and sweat behind making Coimbatore what it is today. Coimbatore celebrates its 216th Coimbatore day on November 24th to an overwhelming number of people who have always carried the spirit of Coimbatore over their shoulders.

The city known for its penchant for the coolest climate, sporting western ghats at one end, law abiding and respectful citizens has evolved drastically into a bigger name in the business world, becoming a fast-growing economic den and Information technology hub.

Coimbatore was first recognized and made a district on 24th of November 1804 and since then it has been observed as the Coimbatore day till now.

Usually Coimbatore day is marked by glittering events at the city’s center hub and other happening places around the city like malls, race course and VOC and any other hot places that sees a flock of people coming together to celebrate the beautiful day.

It starts right from the airport where people touching down Coimbatore are usually welcomed by traditional ways and other interesting events. But considering the current pandemic the world is hit with, Coimbatore is no different. What was once a colorful and sound day has now become a little too subtle this year.

But nevertheless, Coimbatore day ahead of Coimbatore Vizha is a bond that binds together people from different dynamics, all under one roof. Once again, team Wow Coimbatore wishes you a very happy Coimbatore day and we promise to make it bigger next time.