Coimbatore – Everything you need to know

If balancing the thin yet obvious line between the urban culture of a city and the rural bound authentic essence of a village is an art, then Coimbatore is the Picasso of it. Definitely not overboard with that statement and people who have made Kovai their home will obviously be on the same page as I am. Not so often we see this rather beautiful clubbing of urban life hovering over the shades of village in a likeable accent. That’s not it, this blog is everything you need to know about Coimbatore before you pay a visit or already made Manchester city your forever home. No matter if you are an outsider or resident, some facts are going to catch you off guard.

Coimbatore is the second largest city of Tamil Nadu after the table toppers Chennai. It is nuzzled along the banks of what was once the ever charming Noyyal River and encircled by the Western Ghats. A part of the Kongu Nadu, it was first ruled by the greatest Cheras and Cholas and its quite evident with the rich culture that runs through every street in the city. It was a part of the Mysore kingdom before the defeat of Tipu Sultan, after which it was annexed to Madras Presidency during the 17th century

Fast forward to 2023, Coimbatore stands tall on its own, reflecting what major tier 1 city offers. Coimbatore was ranked the best emerging city in India by India today in 2014. Citing the downfall of the cotton empire in Mumbai during the 19th century, Coimbatore has bloomed to be the major exporter of cotton in India ever since then. Not just that, Coimbatore is also selected to be one among the other major cities in line to be upgraded to a smart city and also ranked as one of the safest cities for women in India.

Coimbatore Population

Coimbatore population in 2023 was 2.1 million

The population raised to 2.4 million in 2023

The current Coimbatore population for the year 2020 stands at 2.7 millions (2,786,600)

Average Temperature of Coimbatore

28.9 °C | 84.0 °F, April is the hottest month of the year

24.3 °C | 75.7 °F. December is the coldest month of the year

Climate of Coimbatore

Probably the part that doesn’t call for any grand reveal to the outsiders as well. The climate is one of the strongest frontiers of Coimbatore; I mean who can really forget the once blooming iconic roads between Pollachi and Coimbatore or the forest-like trees covering the roads of Mettupalayam. If you have witnessed them both, then consider yourself the chosen one as destiny had other plans of replacing the trees with wide roads and bridges.

As a result of clearing the green layer, the temperature spiked up just a bit, but thanks to the Western Ghats, the weather and climate still has the same breeze to make us fall in love at every second possible. The climate is often chill, though the summer takes its toll on the city, the winter heaves a sigh of relief with a shivering blissful mood. The air pollution is also on the moderate scale most of the time thanks to the trees and less traffic even in crowded regions.

Foods in Coimbatore

The street food culture of Coimbatore is second to none in Tamil Nadu, well maybe Chennai could take away the top spot considering the wide range of street food along the Marina beach that sure needs its own blog. But Coimbatore is never too far behind the winner, right from the street food to the restaurants, Manchester is quickly turning out to be a foodie’s paradise.

The number of cafes, restaurants and other food startups blossoming over the last few years is mind boggling with the numbers still rising at a steady pace. We have the legendary Annapurna to serve the thirst of the proper vegetarian quests and the exotic BBQ nation to entertain the foodies and non veg lovers alike. Thanks to Kerala nearby, it shares its fair amount of Kerala essence in the food culture here, be it beef varieties or fish curries, the kerala vibes are quite evident on the menu.

Tourism in Coimbatore (Best Tourist Places in Coimbatore)

For all the wanderlust lovers in the house, How about a hot coffee with a sky of mist adoring over the tea and coffee estates at Nilgiri? Well that’s how close Ooty is to Kovai makkal. The only pain point being the Mettupalayam and Karamadai traffic which now seems to be a thing of the past thanks to the long pending bridge works being completed and easing off the traffic by a huge difference.

Well Kerala isn’t far behind in entertaining the Coimbatorians as well, you can reach Palakkad in less than 90 minutes from where you can check out some of the most iconic and unreal waterfalls and temples. Kick of your Monday blues or weekend worries by stepping on the gas and take it to the roads of Coimbatore Palakkad highways or the Ooty highways where you can feel the soothing air and mind revitalizing on its own with help of the nature and climate harmonizing together to make you feel alive.

Some of the best places to check out in and near Coimbatore are:

  • Isha
  • Walayar Dam
  • Siruvani Waterfalls
  • Ooty
  • Kotagiri
  • Coonor
  • Catherine falls
  • Meenvallam waterfalls
  • Nellithurai
  • Nelliyampathy
  • Snake park

The list is endless honestly, catch the rest at the best tourist places in Coimbatore and let the hair down for a happening weekend.

Resorts in Coimbatore

The city has always been giving out of the box ideas while designing their resorts and hotel or choosing a place that suits its ambiance and atmosphere. There is a list of star hotels adoring the city streets and several other hotels have joined that list in the last decade. The most popular one to come to the party was the Radisson Blu at Nava India and another popular one at Sitra, near the airport. Take a look at the best hotels in Coimbatore at best deal.

While the hotels take care of the business within the city limits, the resorts on the outskirts are catering the needs of travellers and tourists. What once looked like a city void of resorts, now boasts a herd of resorts operating at different parts of the city. Some of the most popular and unique resorts are the newly built SR Jungle resort, Dvara resort, Nilgiri wildlife resort and much more. Check out the best resorts in Coimbatore to unlock the rest of the best rated resorts in Coimbatore.

Top IT Companies in Coimbatore

It’s no hidden secret that Coimbatore has one of the best educational back up in Tamil Nadu, providing highly efficient education at comparatively lesser fee than top cities without letting the quality go for a toss. The same reason why students from neighbouring Kerala and Ooty flock the city alike. The one aspect why students often take a drive to Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai after graduating from here was the absence of IT companies to cater their needs and career.

Well the tables have turned in the last 5 years since major IT giants have decided to make Coimbatore their second home as the floating population of Chennai and Bangalore seemed to have crossed an all time high and also owing to the fact that the candidates here were equally capable and potentially strong to take up the challenges. Some of the popular IT companies often pooling students for a job in campus drives are Cognizant, Bosch, Skava, Amazon, Wipro , TCS, Payoda, Nexus, Thoughtworks and much more. Find some of the best IT companies set up in TIDEL park, SEZ-ELCOT, KCT IT park and to name around a few other IT parks in the city.

Coimbatore is more of an emotional shade to every single person residing here rather than being just a city to provide roof over us. From the pleasant weather to giving us the world’s second tastiest water, Manchester city has always been the guardian for its people by making sure no calamities reach its shores to disrupt the peace and tranquillity of the people. Watch this space for more as we are on a committed journey destined to unlock many other hidden destinations and news in and around Coimbatore.