Cool Status for WhatsApp Quotes in Hindi and English with Images

For many of us, there are times when we want to look and sound cool. Not only this, we ourselves like people who act cool in their lives and possess great positive attitude of enjoying life. In this article, we are presenting cool status for Whatsapp in Hindi and English along with images. You will find some interesting and fresh cool status quotes here. Not only this, we will provide links to our other popular similar pages from where you can download and use a lot of images and quotes.

Cool Status for WhatsApp in English

Life is too cool to get melted by small worries. Yes, this is true, if you live with a positive attitude in life, you know the real meaning of happiness. If you want to read some lovely motivational quotes for life, read these motivational status for Whatsapp in English. In this section let us look at some cool status for Whatsapp in English.

Life is crazy! But I am crazier!!

If you want some life advises, come to me!

If you ignore whatever I preach, you will live a great life!!

Live your life your own way…
Or else, a default life will live through you..

I am as cool as the setting Sun!!

I always learn from my mistakes!
And then I make new mistakes – to learn more!!

Cool status for Whatsapp in Hindi with Images

Love to read in Hindi? Here we go with some of the best cool status for Whatsapp in Hindi. If you want to reaf some good travel quotes and Whatsapp status in Hindi, read our popular article – travel status for Whatsapp in Hindi.

Har roj main ye achha kaam karta hun!
Kaam karne se jyada aaraam karta hun!!

हर रोज मैं ये अच्छा काम करता हूँ!
काम करने से ज्यादा आराम करता हूँ!!

Cool attitude Status for boys in English

Many boys have a completely different meaning of being cool. For them, being cool is like being full of attitude. Girls like boys who have great attitude in life. However, such attitude should always be progressive, funny and healthy and not be offensive. We are presenting some top cool attitude status for boys in English here. If you want to read a complete article on them, read it here – royal attitude status for Whatsapp in English.

Born to rome!
Each day a new home!!

I have absolutely no plans to settle in this life!

Each day, a new life!
Until you have a wife!!

Being single is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Have control of your life.
Be a bachelor, you don’t need a wife.

Cool Status for Whatsapp for girls attitude in English

Not only boys, when it comes to girls, they too have a great cool way of living life. This reflects in their attitude towards life and others. Attitude status for girls is a place to read a lot of great cool Attitude status for girls. However, some lovely cool status for Whatsapp in English for girls are listed below for your likings.

A day with friends is always better than a day resenting your breakup. #lovefriends

For me Quality of Life is more important than Quantity of Life.

The best medicine for depression is- a caring friend.

Don’t try to copy my attitude! You don’t have that copyright!!

Cool attitude status in Hindi

Now that you have read some cool attitude status quotes in English, it is time to read some more in Hindi. If you love to read Hindi quotes, we have a great collection of Hindi quotes. Do visit one of our top Hindi status quotes article – Happy family status in Hindi.

Na samman ka moh, na apmaan ka bhay

ना सम्मान का मोह, ना अपमान का भय

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