Coimbatore Water Crisis: City suffers as Siruvani dams’ outflow hits a further low

Coimbatore: With summer around the corner, the municipal corporation is baffled by the amount of water released from the Siruvani dam.

Siruvani dam is responsible for the water supply to 28 of the 100 wards in the city. The city is entitled to receive 101.40 million liters a day from the dam.

The numbers have tumbled down now to a mere 50-60 MLD from the dam, which is maintained by Kerala.

Now CM M K Stalin had written a letter to the Kerala government that the storage level in the dam is now maintained at 877.0 meters, instead of its full capacity which is measured at 878.50 meters.

The city corporation is also tackled with distribution problems. The officials from the Tamil Nadu Water Supplies and Drainage Board (TWAD) point out that some areas get water once in 4 days while the rest gets water once in 15 days. Each the duration of water supply varies from area to area which has left the locals in disappointment.

The issue has now been escalated to the Kerala government by the TWAD officials. The civic body has mentioned that the installation of Scada system and bulk flow meters are the only solution to the city’s water crisis issue. A proposal for the installation of the Scada system has been approved, while the fully completed project will help to increase the water flow to the city.