Coimbatore Youth Helps Farmers: Predicts Weather to Help

Coimbatore: A 29-year old computer science engineering student, G. Santhosh, has been revolutionizing the agriculture scenes in Coimbatore by helping the farmers to predict weather more accurately than ever before.

Hailing from an agriculture family, Santhosh derailed from his journey in becoming a techie and chose to try his hands in predicting the weather in the city for a better farming experience. It is noted that he has a master’s degree in Computer engineering.

He has helped tonnes of farmers with his predictions in the locality. A local farmer, Mr. Jayaprakash, from Pollachi heavily relies on Santhosh’s predictions for his cultivation. He goes on to add that, “We have two farms, one in Achipatti and another in Somandurai Sir. We cultivate vegetables, rice, and grains. His weather updates are helpful during the harvest season and to plan for spraying pesticides,”.

Another farmer S Vadivarasan, a young farmer from the streets of Kangayam is all praises for the Coimbatore youth. “I have been following his weather updates for three years now. I plan my work only after checking his daily updates,” he said.

Santhosh’s journey as the reliable weather for the city dates back to 2023 when the state was hit very badly by Cyclone Ockhi where he constantly updated people about the weather through Facebook posts which garnered more attention more quickly than he anticipated. Now he helps people in different districts with his weather predictions which is well received by even normal people as his interpretations are much simpler to understand.

Mr. Krishnan has now invested in his work after finding it to be truly beneficial for the people. To make sure the standard quality of interpretations is met successfully, he also subscribes to a website called WeatherBELL Analytics. He has a wireless weather sensor on the roof of his house that helps measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain in the vicinity.

Once he receives the data, he updates it across all the social media platforms where he has over 25,000 dedicated followers. He has now even planned to send the updates in Tamil for a better reach.