Cola Beach in Goa – an imagination coming true in real life

Cola Beach in Goa is like an image coming true in real life. For those who don’t know about Cola Beach, it is a beautiful beach lying alone in South Goa, waiting for you to visit it. Often missed by the tourists, it is one of those beaches of Goa which are hidden from the general public. Famous for its blue lagoon, it is a piece of marvel on the coast of the Arabian Sea. In this article, I will be your guide to this place of wonders and will help you plan your itinerary here.

Why am I so excited about Cola beach, and what makes it so important in my eyes?

have been to Goa many times, but like many others, I also used to go to commercially rich beaches of Goa. For me, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, and Aguada beaches were the best beaches in North Goa. I used to enjoy these beaches and then used to head to South Goa. In South Goa, I used to visit Colva, Benaulim, Varca, and Agonda beach.

But then I came to know about Cola beach, and visiting it became the best part of my next Goa trip. I have such beautiful memories from this fantastic place that I can’t suppress my feelings. I am sure you will also love to go to this place, and so here are the details for you about Cola Beach in Goa.

The distance of Cola Beach from important places of Goa

Cola Beach is approximately 29 KMs from Madgaon railway station, and it will take you about one hour from there. But if you are coming to Goa for the first time, and have luggage with you, then I will not recommend you to go directly to Cola beach. I will tell you the reason for this further in the article.

Cola beach is approximately 33 KMs from South Goa’s famous Colva beach and is 10 KMs from Agonda beach.

The major attractions of Cola Beach in Goa- a sight worth capturing in the heart

Not everyone can easily reach this place, but once you arrive here, you won’t want to go back. As you visit the beach, you are greeted with intense waves of the ocean, making a thunderous sound. Though the first site you get is of a beautiful beach, there is a lot that awaits here.

The blue lagoon – God’s self handcrafted place for you

Well! Well! As amazing as the word amazing may get, use it for this place. A vast lagoon next to the sea is what will leave you awestruck. The Khola River forms this lagoon which extends till the Cola beach. Tourists enjoy swimming and playing volleyball in the lagoon.

In between the lagoon and the sea is the Cola beach where you can roam around for hours. The quality of natural scenes that you see here is far better than any other place of Goa. A series of palm trees near the lagoon give you the feeling of being in Kerala, in Goa.

The tents you would love to live in

In case you want to enjoy a long holiday in Goa, you should book a tented accommodation at Cola beach. The blue lagoon resort is an exclusive tented resort and is a great place to stay. You can easily spend days here and can keep on loving the solitude you achieve at this place.

A hustle bustle free beach – you are the prince of nature queen at Colva Beach in Goa

The best part of Cola beach is that it is one of the most secluded places in Goa. All through the year, the place remains like this. When I first reached there, I could see just a bunch of Indians and foreigners roaming around. The first thought that sprung in my mind was whether it is a safe place or not. But I realized that the beach is safe and secure with the presence of the beach resort and bar-restaurant in the area.

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts will thank you for uploading these pictures

Photography at blue lagoon Cola beach

What good is a holiday or a trip without snaps on social media? When you click photos at Cola Beach in Goa, you can boast about owning a private beach. Such is the feeling you get at this excellent beach.

How to reach Cola Beach in Goa – The dangers waiting in the way?

Well, we spoke a lot about the destination – Cola Beach in Goa. Now, it is the turn to talk about the way, and the road is exciting as well. To reach Cola beach from Madgaon, you need to drive towards South Goa using the MDR41 route. You can also use Google map and type in blue lagoon cola beach to reach this place but remember this critical point. 

You need to go off-road from the Cola bus stand and drive through the dirt track to reach the beach. This dirt track is so muddy and uneven that you need to drive exceptionally safely, or you may risk falling. Many people prefer to trek down to the beach from the bus stand due to this very reason.

The approachability of Cola Beach in Goa makes it challenging to reach the place. You can only go by a rented scooty or car as the bus service is not available to this place. This is a blessing in disguise as this is one of the main reasons for low tourist visits to this private beach.

Parking at Cola Beach

Once you go through the dirt track, you will reach a place where you can park your scooty or car. After parking your vehicle, you need to walk down the stairs to get to the beach. Like many other beaches in Goa, parking is free here as well.

The food options at Cola Beach – enjoy your food and your drink

There is a good restaurant at Cola Beach, which serves different vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. You can enjoy food and drinks at this place while sitting facing the sea.

Public conveniences at Cola Beach

There are public conveniences available near the restaurant which you can use for free.

Mobile connectivity and internet options

This is important for you to note that there is very little to no network facility available in this place. You need to roam a bit to get the network. However, if you are residing at the blue lagoon resort, or have urgency, you can use the resort’s WIFI.

Options to reside at Cola Beach in Goa

Resort at Cola Beach

If you want to live the moments at Cola beach, again and again, you may opt to book your stay in the blue lagoon resort. It is a beautiful place to stay with great tented accommodations. Majorly, a lot of foreign nationals stay at this place, and the number of Indians staying here is less. In case you want to reside in a busy area filled with commercial activities, you can opt to stay at Colva beach or Agonda beach.

In Conclusion

First things first, if you have not visited Goa till date, visit it at least once in your life to live your life. Goa is a fantastic place for people of all ages, which include you, your partner, your parents, and your children. As important as Goa is for a tourist in India, Cola beach is important in the same way for a tourist in Goa. If you have not visited Cola Beach when visiting Goa, you need to plan a revisit to Goa immediately. Use any travel booking site to book a train, bus, or a plane to this beautiful place.

When you are sitting at Cola beach, chances are less that you will have a mobile network. But if you do get access, please shoot an mail to thetravelsaga and thank me then and there. Or you can open this bookmarked page and leave a comment to share your happiness.