Palakkad to Attapadi-How to Reach, Distance, Bus Timings

A breathtaking land of green cover hovering at the foothills of western ghats, impeccable quality of ambiance sealing a strong wave of belief in nature within us. Yes, Attapadi is one of the most prominent hill stations near Coimbatore and Palakkad. An indigenous reserve forest area in Kerala, Attapadi is well connected with major cities through roads, yet nature has an upper hand over the number of humans visiting every year. Now, let’s know more about Palakkad to Attapadi, how you can reach there, bus timings, and much more.

Attapadi location

Attapadi is a reserve forest hill station with almost over 249 km² of land sprawling over the total 745 km² area of Attapadi that falls under the taluk of Mannarkkad. It is around 57 km from Coimbatore and 63kms from the center of Palakkad. Though Coimbatore seems to be much closer to the paper, it is the Palakkad that takes away the sweet spot of being much more connected and a closer rapport with Attapadi.

This is quite evident in the way people speak and the food culture that seems to be more inclined towards the god’s own flavour rather than the Kongu shades. Unlike Coimbatore route where the buses don’t ply often and you have to take a pit stop and change rides from Anaikatti, Attapadi to Palakkad route is an hassle-free experience on offer.

Attapadi reserve forest is at 65kms from Palakkad and is one of the major tourist attractions and a biological site in South India. One of the important and rare reserve and protected forest covers in India, it is known for a rich wildlife and botanical shades.

Palakkad to Attapadi Bus Timings

It is a 63kms journey from Palakkad that takes roughly around 2 hours to reach the destination, which gives you ample amount of time to check out the scenic routes that you leave behind. And if you are concerned about running late or if missing buses is one the worst nightmares you can possibly imagine, then the KSRTC is here for the rescue. There’s a never ending list of buses plying regularly between Palakkad and Attapadi.

Should you miss any, you will probably get your next ride in a whisk. We have listed out the bus timings ( Bus timings might change over time, please consult the KSRTC team or the portal)

Palakkad to Attapadi

If you are sure footed in exploring the best shades of Attapadi we highly recommend that you take up the Palakkad route. There are tonnes of tourist places to explore on your route to Attapadi. Palakkad as we all have seen already is loaded to its brim when we bring in the tourism factor to the equation.

Now when Palakkad at one end and Attapadi at the other, be ready for an avalanche of Tourist places, not necessarily big enough to be featured on Google, but yet great offbeat locations on your way to the beautiful Hill station.

If you are interested in checking out the tourist places in Attapadi via Palakkad, do read our best tourist places in Attapadi to get a good grip about the list of places you should never miss on your trip next time.

Our personal favorite would be the trek to Silent Valley, a place like none other. Extremely beautiful place with a serene backdrop and amazing ambiance harmonizing together, it’s where the idea of tranquillity meets nature.

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