UPSC PREPARATION TIPS FROM TOPPER: Best IAS Preparation Tips For Beginners

The Tips Provided to You is the IAS Toppers Tips, So these tips will be definitely helpful to you for the preparation of your UPSC Examination. You read these guidelines and male your own wise strategy for the preparation of your UPSC IAS Examination. We will give you the Preparation tips but you should also prepare your own strategy and follow it.

Tips for Preparing Prelims Examination (CSAT+General Studies)

Prelims General Studies:

  1. Ancient History: NCERT
  2. Medieval History: NCERT
  3. Modern History (Freedom Struggle): Bipin Chandra, Spectrum, NCERT modern India
  4. Cultural Society: Nitin Singhania, NIOS Material (Mentioned on Insights), Vision IAS Material, Ncert on Arts
  5. Polity (Theory+Current): Lakshmi Kant+ Solve all test papers on both Vision and Insights test series.
  6. Economy (Theory Current): Srirams Booklet + NCERT+ Economic Survey
  7. Science (theory+current): NCERT, Cover new topics that come in General Newspaper Reading.
  8. Environment (Theory+Current): Shankar IAS + Solve vision test paper on the environment.
  9. Geography (Physical): Class 11th NCERT + Video on Mrunal on natural phenomena.
  10. Geography (India): 11th and 12th NCERT
  11. Geography (World): Video on Mrunal + Maps based on Current Affairs.
  12. Other National / International Current Affairs: Solved all test papers of both vision + Insight + Read The Hindu Daily
  13. Scheme & Policy: GKToday+ The Hindu

Prelims CSAT Aptitude:

  1. Mathematics: Solve the last 4 Years Papers of UPSC.
  2. Reasoning: Solve the last 4 Years Papers of UPSC
  3. Comprehension: Solve the last 4 Years Papers of UPSC
  4. Decision Making: Solve the last 4 Years Papers of UPSC

Tips for Preparing Mains Examination

Mains: Essay

  • Current affairs around the year.
  • Quotes of important personalities.
  • Usage of Quotes of Gandhi, Mandel, and Martin Luther King.

General Studies (Mains) Paper-1

  1. Culture: NIOS, Nitin Singhania, NCERT on Arts, Vision Material. (Take the Idea of subjects, there may be a possibility that in the final exam No question come from all of them but you will be able to solve the question using the help of this material).
  2. Indian History: Bipin Chandra
  3. World History: NCERT + Vision Material
  4. Post-Independence India: Both Book important India after Gandhi and Bipin Chandra. You may also refer to any Coaching Notes for covering these Short Topics.
  5. Indian Society [(Role of Women, Poverty, etc.), Globalization on Indian Society, (Communalism, Regionalism, and Secularism)]: The Hindu, Vision Current Material, PRS, Insights Secure Articles, Yojana.
  6. Resource Distribution, Factors for Industrial Location: Vision Material, Vaji Rao Material, Mrunal, Class 10th, and 11th NCERT.
  7. Earthquake Tsunami etc.: Disaster, Vision Material
  8. Impact on Flora-Fauna: General Source

UPSC PREPARATION TIPS FROM TOPPER: Best IAS Preparation Tips For Beginners

General Studies (Mains) Paper-2:

  1. Indian Constitution, Devolution, Dispute Redressal, etc.
  2. Comparing Constitution with World
  3. Parliament, the State legislature
  4. Executive Judiciary
  5. Ministries Department
  6. Pressure Groups, Informal Association
  7. Representation of Peoples Act
  8. Various Bodies: Constitutional, Statutory
  9. NGO, SHG, etc.
  10. Welfare Scheme, Bodies
  11. Social Sector, Health, Education, HRD
  12. Governance, Transparency, Accountability
  13. E-Governance
  14. Role of Civil Services
  15. Bilateral/Global Grouping
  16. Effects of Foreign Country Policies on Indian Interest
  17. Diaspora
  18. International Bodies – Structure Mandate

Cover all the Above Topics from:

[ Lakshmi Kant for Basic (or NCERT if you prefer) ], [ Daily Newspaper, Insights Secure Initiative articles vision current affairs material, Vision static material on these topics if available(Not very useful but can be tired) ], PRS, Annual Reports/Documents on Various Ministry Website.

General Studies (Mains) Paper-3:

  1. Indian Economics, Resources Mobilization
  2. Inclusive Growth
  3. Budgeting
  4. Major Crops Irrigation (Cover from General Material)

Economic Survey, Key Features of Budget, Daily Newspaper+ Insights Secure

  1. Agro Product- Storage, Marketing
  2. E-Technology for Farmers
  3. Farm Subsidies, MSP
  4. PDS, Buffer, Food Security
  5. Technology Mission
  6. Animal Husbandry
  7. Food Processing

For the Following Topics, Vision Material is Good if Couples with Daily Newspaper Reading. Plus Refer to Yojana for Relevant Articles + Relevant Articles by Concerned Ministry + Economic Survey Related Articles.

  1.  Land reforms: Bipin Chandra 3 Chapters
  2. Liberalization: NCERT Indian Economics Class 12th.
  3. Infra: Economic Survey Relates Chapters + Mrunal
  4. Investment Models: Covered in Current Affairs
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment: Cover from General Material
  6. Disaster Management: Arc for Disaster, Read the Boxes, and the Points in the End. Make it Concise…Revise It twice before the Exam.

UPSC preparation tips provided by UPSC Topper are the best upsc preparation tips which covers civil service exam preparation or you say ias exam preparation. IAS preparation has now become the need for generation which is done by ncert for upsc and upsc exam preparation.ias preparation tips is for all civil services preparation for
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