Top 10 Foods in Coimbatore

Coimbatore has always been one of the breezy destinations for tourists and students in Tamil Nadu for over a decade. Well times have changed so has the food culture of the city. The city has been flexing its new urban food culture off lately thanks to its new gen avatar and fresh blooming night life. We’ve saved your time by compiling a short list of 10 special foods in Coimbatore, handpicked just for you.


Not to be dramatic but idli is as basic as breathing to people here. It’s unacceptable to have been around the city and not really have tasted the delicious idlis from Shree Annapoorna restaurants . Sticking to its original taste since decades, is the sole reason that still pulls the crowd like a charm. What’s more refreshing is the fact that you can find a chain of Annapoorna restaurants all over the city, well on a sour note, these soft cushy rice balls are prepared only at dawn with the last service done at breakfast. Quiet a break.


Shree Annapoorna, Saibaba colony


Dosa is obviously the popular of the lot in Coimbatore with almost every restaurant serving them round the clock. Dosa is available in a lot of varieties with options of even customizing your order based on your taste buds. Street vendors like the one you find on Lakshmi mills, are sure to grab yourattention with a ton of varieties with fancy names that doesn’t make your wallet go empty. An night sight of the crowd in this place surely tells you why the locals go ga-ga over it.


Near airtel office, Lakshmi mills


Shawarma’s fame is literally spreading like a wild fire. The millennial seems to be loving it and also happily making it their ‘go-to’ snack for a cheerful evening. The Shawarma culture has hit its prime time with almost every small vendors jumping in on the bandwagon showing their unique varities and innovative preparation. My personal pick would be The Street Arabia at Saibaba colony. Do checkout their minimalistic shop interior approach and not to miss their showstopper ‘ghost’ shawarma.


NSR road, Saibaba colony. (3-11pm).

Nattu Kozhi Roast

Nothing beats a classic Nattu Kozhi fry to indulge in some Kongu rich cuisines. An excellent non-veg starter, Nattu Kozhi roast goes along well with a punchy biryani. If you want to try your hands at the best chicken roast, drop in by Shri Surya to experience an oil free recipe claiming to be one of their best sellers. Being Oil free also gets it a free ticket to be on your list with much ease.


Shri Surya, Near Cheran nagar.

Pork Roast

Its not often we get to see pork making it to the list of special cuisines of a city, but the pork roast served in an authentic Chinese restaurant is an absolute drool worthy. You can find the city’s best pork roast at Kowloon restaurant. A hallway of indigenous craft work and Chinese art works adores the already mellow toned restaurant. One could call this a legit paradise to all the Chinese food lovers out there with all claims.


Kowloon restaurant, NSR road, Saibaba colony

Mutton Nalli

It would be pure insanity to collate a list without Mutton Nalli taking the center stage. Squeezing out tender bone marrow from thoroughly cooked bone and serving it hot along the curry has fetched its own fan base among the South Indians. For you to experience the best Nalli in the house, check out the Juinor Kuppanna chain of restaurants that already has a decade long legacy under its belt. Price isslightly on the higher side but considering the quality and richness in taste, it is justified. Don’t forget to check out their chicken items on its menu, you won’t be disappointed.


Junior Kuppanna, G.N.Mills.


We couldn’t thank the Mughals enough for introducing us to the divinely flavored biryani. Nothing tempts a South Indian as much as a biriyani is the popular new saying. If you are a hardcore lover of briyani. Then you can’t turn down the tantalizing aroma coming out from the kitchens of HMR restaurants. They have mastered the skills of making biryani that could take you to the glorious Mughal’s kitchen. The HMR’s rule of making a biryani is very simple; Follow the tradition, no room forerrors and definitely no compromises in bringing out the best biryani in the club. Be warned about the insane crowd storming the restaurant in prime time. Our advice, make it early to grab the best seats in the house.


HMR restaurant, Town hall

Fried Roasted Chill Pork

Our second ‘pork’ star blistering its way to the top 10 without breaking a sweat. The Pork is crisp, spicy and nicely marinated to perfection to live up to its tag of the best seller of Peking restaurant. The restaurant itself is a silent reflection of Chinese art with friendly staff that easily makes you mistake yourself for walking into an actual Chinese town in the city. The best thing of roasted pork is the list of customization it has to offer to the table with a number of different sauces to ignite each ofits distinctive flavors along with the pork. The price is reasonable enough taking the vivid ambience and unparallel taste into account.


Peking Chinese Restaurant, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore

Sea food

If you are someone who digs at sea foods, look no further as Afghan Grills is here to satisfy your sea food cravings. Sea foods are popular among the people here, thanks to the city’s geographical location of shaking its hands with Kerala not so far. The sea food wave has swept the city for good with growing numbers of sea food outlets emerging in the city. Don’tfall prey to everything you witness on the street as sea foods are supposed to be served fresh to avoid any disorientation in taste. Afghan Grill is as beautiful as it sounds. If dining in a 4 star restaurant doesn’t ignite the polished factor, the poolside laid back dining could definitely get you excited for a sophisticated dinner. The price wouldn’t be an eye candy but if you are looking for an ideal place to spend a romantic evening with your lady love, do shellout few extra bucks.


Afghan Grill, Residency towers, Avinashi road


Saving the best for the last, the one stop destination for all your non-veg cravings. It would be an unforgivable sin on your side to ignore Barbeque nation on your visit to the city. Dedicated solely to the people who are going to have their heads exploded by zeroing in on what they want to order. Thebuffet includes both veg and non veg foods with the former being a little short on varieties comparing to the latter. There are starters to fire up your mood, to complimentary desserts to bid farewell to your dinner for the night, Barbeque Nation has got your back. Do an advance reservation up front as it’s popular for being full packed round the year.


Barbeque Nation, #1000, Hotel Metro Park Inn, Raja St, Town Hall

We’ve made a guide to cater to all the foodies out there to never ever miss the best hubs to answer your cravings.


1. Which food is famous in Coimbatore?

Chicken Briyani

2. Best Veg hotel in Coimbatore?

Shree Anandhaas