Love WhatsApp status in english

Love Whatsapp Status in English – Top 35 love quotes for Whatsapp

Love is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. When in love, you want to let your loved one know about it through various means. If you believe in love and are looking for some good love Whatsapp status in English, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have shared 35 fresh love quotes which you can use as love status in English for Whatsapp.

Love Whatsapp Status in English for those who fall in love

The first collection is suitable for those who fall in love with their partner and are looking for romantic love status.

1. My love for you is a long term investment plan. There are no market risks involved.

2. Love is to dance in the arms of your beloved.

Love Whatsapp status in English
Love Whatsapp Status in English

3. First love is the purest of all.

4. Love can never be hidden; it can only be an open secret.

5. A smile on your face makes my day.

6. Solitude and I were best mates until I met you.

7. It took just three seconds for you to become my love at first sight.

8. Every time I go away, your magic calls me back – a sea wave to the beach

Love Whatsapp status in English -
Love Whatsapp Status in English

9. In your arms, I feel the calmness of the world.

10. As the aggressive waves find calmness in the beach, I find my calmness in you.

Love Whatsapp Status in English for proposal

Lovers often look for ways to propose their loved ones. If you are in love and want to share your feelings with the love of your life, use the following love Whatsapp status in English-

11. Take me along to the trip of your life, be my wife.

12. Take me along to the trip of your life, make me your wife.

13. The boat of my life is ready to sail in the river of your love. The destination is the sea of our togetherness.

14. Will you be the oxygen of my life, will you be my wife?

15. My heart skips a beat whenever I see you. I guess it is because I love you.

Love WhatsApp quotes for girlfriend

Next, I am sharing some cool love quotes which you can use as love status for girlfriend. Express your feelings using the below love Whatsapp status in English and let your girlfriend know how much you love her.

16. Love is dancing in the rain knowing that someone special is enjoying your moves.

17. Rains never seemed so romantic until I met you.

18. I checked her first message 100 times, in which she had simply written a Hi.

19. Love is sharing the sad moments together, and feeling the happiness in togetherness.

20. Love with your heart, not with your eyes.

21. In love, ego has the last place.

22. When you are in love, you live each moment of your life with joy.

First love and true love Whatsapp status in English

First love and true love are often more celebrated than the other ones. So, here is a collection of love Whatsapp status in English dedicated primarily for first love and true love.

23. First love is often a good teacher for the ultimate one.

24. True love is when you don’t utter a single word, and yet get understood.

25. True love is not for sale. It has to be earned, and it takes time.

26. When love becomes the purpose of life, true love gets its definition.

27. In true love, ifs and buts don’t exist.

28. I was looking for a definition of your love for me. It matched that of true love.

Love Whatsapp Status in English poetry style

When we talk about a collection of love status, we have to include some poetry as well. Check out the love Whatsapp status in English in the form of poetry.

29. Love is not about spending your life together. It is not about sharing a house.

Love is about winning the heart, even when you are far apart.

30. You cannot own me, you cannot steal me.

You can’t even borrow me.

I am love, you can just feel me.

31. Love is not an easy thing.

It takes a lifetime to weave the love string.

32. Life is a journey, and love is your vehicle.

Take care of your vehicle to enjoy the journey to the fullest.

33. I asked the sky for little rain, I just wanted to wash off my pain.

The sky denied raining that night; it knew that my love and I had a little fight.

Then the morning came up with good sunshine, I wished everything could just become fine.

But the morning could not change the mood, as for my love I was still so rude.

I damned the morning and damned the night, and then I damned my ego inside.

I walked up to my lady, with a cup of tea. In her soft eyes, the love I could see.

I offered her the tea and my apologies. She drank the tea along with my worries.

A smile broke up with a shine in her eyes; the tea she said was really nice.

And as our love started to sizzle, the skies smiled and it started to drizzle.

Funny love Whatsapp status

And finally, if your love interest likes writing, and is familiar with SEO, go ahead and share the below technical love Whatsapp status in English.

34. If life is an article, love is SEO. Love makes life taste success.

35. If life is a blog post, love is the SEO. Without love, even Google can’t search for your life.

It is very difficult to express love in words, but we have tried hard to put some best quotes for you to help you convey your feelings. I hope you liked the love Whatsapp status in English that I have shared in this post.

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