Wild Tusker Goes into Rampage Mode: Pushes Car with Man Trapped Inside Car

Pollachi: Forest officials were just in time to save a man trapped inside the car which the wild tusker charged and pushed off the trail into the bushes

A video of a wild elephant charging and pushing a car into the bushes in the Anamalai tiger reserve in Coimbatore’s region surfaced online and created panic among the local residents.

It was a good day for Saravanan(49), a resident of the EB Quarters in Pollachi when he decided to explore the scenic beauty of the Anamalai forest area with his relatives in two cars on Sunday.

While the cars were crossing the Navamalai region, what was supposed to be a leisure day quickly turned into a nightmare for them when a wild tusker ambushed them from the thick bushes.

Startled and caught off guard, they decided to back the cars, when the elephant managed to block Saravanan’s car and charged right at it.

The video showed the elephant chasing the car and pushing it right off the trail into the wild bushes near them. Luckily the forest officials were at the spot at the right time as they managed to push the wild tusker back into the forest cover.

Saravanan was rescued from the car with minor bruises but was left in utter shock from the close call. Officials stated that there was already a warning call issued about a wild tusker storming the area and the visitors were restricted from entering the region from 5 pm to 10 am.

It’s often these trespassing incidents that cause brutal conflicts in the forest region