Top 10 Zayn Malik Hairstyle

In between releasing all this new music and spending time setting trends and playing Pokémon with Gigi Hadid, the pop star has also gone through several monumental changes in hairstyle.


So, recording artist Zayn Malik is a multi-award winning musical sensation. For many Malik is one of the most successful artists from the UK of our generation.

With his new status as Hollywood elite, however, came close scrutiny of his emerging fashion decisions, particularly Zayn Malik’s new hair and style choices.

Faux Hawk Zayn Haircut

The faux hawk is definitely still in style. It’s a great haircut that you can have fun with on the weekend but still tone it down in the office. Plus, it’s both edgy and stylish at the same time.

This drop fade faux hawk is definitely an original Zayn Malik haircut. The style involves elements of a skin fade as well as a brush up in the front. Among them is the faux hawk zayn malik hairstyle that looks like a mohawk without having spikes in the back.

Quiff Hairstyle

In terms of the cut, the quiff zayn malik hairstyle is basically like the undercut: longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. … In terms of the look, the quiff is closely related to the pompadour.

The length of the hair allow room for different styles. I would advice using hair wax or gel to keep your hair slicked back.

Here’s a brief overview of Zayn Malik’s best hairstyles – from hair color to length, we’ve covered his top zayn malik long hair and short haircuts.

Zayn Malik Haircut with Undercut

he has sported a variety of undercuts, spanning all shapes and sizes. In this shot, you can see how he combined a high fade undercut with a 2-inch top.

Short Layered Zayn Malik Haircut

You could use a short and layered hairstyle, like Zayn’s in this picture. To get a dynamic outcome like this, make sure that your stylist adds plenty of layers when cutting your hair.

Skin Fade Buzzcut

A skin fade – or bald fade, as some call it – is the perfect way to transition from a buzz cut to an undercut. You can get the best gradient by opting for a mid skin fade.

This image features Zayn with a low fade haircut. After leaving One Direction Zayn’s biggest style change was cutting off his hair.

Shaggy Hairstyle

The shag haircut is very rock ‘n’ roll—casual, mussy, and visually effortless. The typical features that make up a shag zayn malik hairstyle include choppy ends, layers around the crown, and lots of texture.

Zayn Malik shows off a classic shaggy style with a side swept front. Zayn Malik long hair Appearing at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and influenced by Justin Bieber, Zayn modified the trendy look.

Ash Blonde Zayn Haircut

Zayn sported a high-fashion platinum zayn malik blonde, All jokes aside, we’re really digging the ash blonde hair tone in this shot, and also the way it complements his dark beard.

Fade with Spiky Hair

Another interesting Zayn hairstyle, Malik opted for a mid fade on the sides and dyed, spiked up hair at the top. When the pink faded, his hair turned to a more ombre, slightly bouffant style.

The Comb Over Hairstyle

A comb over or combover is a hairstyle commonly worn by balding men in which the hair is grown long and combed over the bald area to minimize the appearance of baldness.

It doesn’t rely on a specific hair length either – you can comb your hair to the side even if you have a crew cut. The comb over has long been known as a favorite hairstyle amongst brokers and salesmen.

Side Tossed Zayn Haircut

If your top is at least a few inches long, don’t think about it too much. Use your fingers to rake it to the side, but without making it seem intentionally styled.