All you Need to Know About R.S.Puram

A statement that calls for no debate, “R.S.Puram brings a charm to Coimbatore”. Well, that wasn’t even an overstatement considering how well the R.S.Puram has been shaping up the overall aesthetical quality of Coimbatore. Undoubtedly R.S.Puram is one of the most sophisticated parts of the city, that goes high on the wow factor right from the beautiful roads to the glittering lights that adorn the streets, this where the city dream starts. This blog is everything you need to know about R.S.Puram in Coimbatore.

R.S.Puram is located right next to the Saibaba colony junction. Rathina Sabapathi Puram as it original name goes by is one of the most sought after places to go for premium shopping experience. It is just under 3kms from gandhipuram and is well connected via 7C buses. It is around 4kms from Ukkadam which can be easily done through the beautiful brooke bond roads. It is located on the western part of Coimbatore as it sides near Poomarket and Ukkadam junction with an approximate population of 1,00,000.

The place is mostly posh and uptown classy as R.S.Puram is the third largest commercial hub of Coimbatore right behind Town Hall and Gandhipuram.

The climate usually drops to an all time low of 12 °C and highest of  41 °C during months of summer

Smart city project in R.S.Puram

Much to the dismay of the residents here, the once beautiful roads of the DB road were cleared to make way for the new roads as a part of the Coimbatore’s smart city project last year. R.S.Puram is one among the few parts of the city to get a complete make over under the smart city scheme. The decades old trees that once adorned the streets of DB roads are now being cleared for a wider road.

The works are going under a full swing to wrap up the works before time to make sure people can get to experience the true blissfulness of R.S.Puram again. This includes installing fancy flashing billboards at major points, that’s surely going to inject an international vibe to the already glowing roads, flashing street lights, underground sewage and 24*7 drinking water pipeline, telecommunication lines and lot more exciting things coming up the city’s way.

Well if any  of these aren’t going to bring a smile on your face, we exactly know what will, a multistorey car parking facility, a first of its kind in the city. This is being built on a whopping 42 crs to accommodate close to 373 cars comfortably. The major pain point of the R.S.Puram is now close to seeing its end of the road for the chaotic parking chaos.

If all things go as planned by the city commission, the smart city project in R.S.Puram should see the light of day pretty soon.

Restaurants in R.S.Puram

R.S.Puram is known for its pretty savvy list of fancy restaurants that’s hidden pretty deep inside the beautiful streets of this region. From south Indian cuisines to Chinese restaurants,R.S.Puram has never failed to live up to its expectations. The place is also well known for its impressive range of North Indian restaurants and chat items as R.S.Puram is pretty close to Sowkarpett, where North Indians resides in huge numbers. We will definitely talk about the list of restaurants here.

There are also few cafes here like the ever popular café coffee day tucked away right near the DB road. The interiors as usual scores high on a soothing theme that goes pretty well with the coffee

Shopping outlets in R.S.Puram

Shopping experience is what made R.S.Puram special in the first place. An unrivalled shopping experience unfolds at the streets of R.S.Puram where quality goes a notch ahead of everything less. Be it a simple home appliance or a supreme dress you name it, R.S.Puram has everything ready up its sleeve.

The place hoards a never ending list of popular biggies like the Allen Solly, Peter England, woodland, adidas and much more. All the outlets are genuine and premium stores where the pricing is obviously on the higher side. An one stop destination for all you shopping needs. There are electrical appliance stores and outlets here like the iPlanet, authorized Apple showroom at the end of DB road.

Theaters in R.S.Puram

For a place considerably small as R.S.Puram, the list of theaters has definitely taken us for a shock. R.S.Puram holds some of the Coimbatore’s most sought after theaters. For starters, The Central cinema is what welcomes you when you first enter the doors of R.S.Puram, since the theater has been under renovation for quite a bit now, cinema lovers have moved on to the other options now.

Brookfields multiplex is now the most preferred theater for a unrivalled cinematic experience that doesn’t take away the essence of a peaceful experience thanks to the upkeep ambience and casually laid back seating experience.

There is also city’s very own Kalai arangam to host independent theatrical works and to screen short films and more. The hall is adequate to host a decent crowd and the picture quality is also quite great for a hall this compact. Overall an engaging cinematic experience for people out there.

R.S.Puram is more of an emotion than just a place to Coimbatore people. Be it from the roads or trees to the wonderful people here always passing by with a smile on their face, R.S.Puram is the ‘go-to’ place to spike your spirits especially if you are dealing with a toxic day.

Things To Do in R.S Puram

There are lots of things you can do rs puram as this place is never short of the amusement factor. The place is ideally engineered to provide the basic entertainment to any people strolling here.
For starters rs puram is ideal for a casual evening walk or an intense morning jogging. gandhipark is probably the best place to do. You won’t be surprised to find enthusiastic people strolling around doing small chit chats.

Once you done checking out the park, you can move up the charts to play snookers and other fun games here as the place boasts a list of these short entertainment places.