An Act of Kindness: Coimbatore Farmers Remove Solar Fences for Tusker to Get Back to Its Habitat

Coimbatore: The wild tusker which was wreaking havoc in the foothills of Navamalai last week, has now crossed and got back to its territory in Nelliyampathy in Kerala after the farmers have gotten rid of the hanging solar fences to make way.

The farmers were in for quite a surprise when the forest department was all praised for their actions. M G Ganeshan, the deputy director of Anamalai Tiger Reserve, said that the concept of coexistence with the wildlife has now been proved by the farmers’ act of kindness.

The wild tusker ventured into the Navamalai premises six months ago. “There was no solar fencing during the animal’s regular migration to the state. But the farmers erected hanging solar fences after that to safeguard their crops from the wild animals’ raids. It prevented the elephant from returning to its natural habitat”, said the forest official.

The tusker attacked a bus in Navamalai three weeks ago. “It also attacked two cars, leaving an ambulance driver with the state electricity board injured. While we successfully chased the wild elephant away and rescued the driver, people were living in fear of the lone tusker”, said the official.

The officials said that the farmers were really cooperative in this mission and they also have a special team deployed at the other end to ensure safe passage for the lone tusker.